Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writer's Block: And How You Defeated It

You were on a tatty settee when you realized that your blogging life was as stark as your shabby sofa. At that time you were actually writing a nonsense conundrum about your niche. You even called it writer's block, apathy, and intellectual haze. It was a feeling that only a sudden tectonic shift could push you back to writing, an occurrence you only read in sci-fi books.

You checked your old blog posts; you felt disgusted to the point of almost deleting your blog, but you need money, so you let it sit there. You were anxious; you scratched your head several times and you felt like kicking your word processor. Yet again, you planned of reusing your horrible excuse. You planned to call your boss, and passionately deliver your dialogue, "Sir, I am experiencing writer's block. I won't be able to produce anything."

You almost lost your job that day.

Writer's Block: And How You Defeated It

You actually did not want to lose your job. Therefore, you dropped the idea of calling your boss to deliver the passionate dialogue. You believed that you were in writer's block, yet you knew it was not proper to use that "personal ailment scheme" to skip a work day.

Because you were not yet sure about your personal ailment, if it was really a valid sickness or just you, you opened your Opera browser and Googled "writer's block". You started reading the Wikipedia entry that topped the list and went on to other sites. That day, you learned that even literary greats like Wilde and Yeats have also experienced writer's block. You smiled. You felt like floating on air.

You faced your Macintosh hoping for something to write, yet it was all failure.

Instead, you wrote about things you wanted to do that time, things that you wanted to do while you were on writer's block. It was a short list, a very short one:

1. Take a rest. Have a short nap or siesta.
2. Listen to your favorite music: jazz, Bacharach, baroque, psychedelic, rock n' roll, guitar-pop.
3. Eat your comfort food.
4. Dab ideas on a piece of paper.
5. Read articles about your future topics.
6. Read past articles you wrote about your niche.
7. Call a friend. Talk 'til you get back to writing.
8. Change setting, and write outside.

And without hesitation, you cut this list into 8 pieces, (like a losing raffle ticket) and placed it in an empty milk can. You shook it as if you were a host in a Vaudeville show conducting a lottery draw; you picked one and read it aloud. Yet you found so time-consuming performing every task listed on the list. So you rewrote your list on a paper and expanded its thoughts.

You found it amazing how your thoughts flowed like a stream. You wrote like an eagle, free and soaring; you forgot about your job, and cared less about the world. It is the best feeling I've had, you sighed, and you almost wept.

You were shocked when the phone rang; it was your boss on the other line. It was already 5 PM and he was asking for your work. Out of nervousness you said, "I'm on writer's block, sir, got no production yet."

Your boss hesitated to believe; you are the office clown, and everybody knew your clever antics and lines when it comes to banter.

With the world's weight on your shoulder, you fell on your knees and accidentally derailed your cheap writing desk as you hit it with your brawny arms. Your Macintosh fell; then a written document was exposed.

You saw an article you just wrote earlie- "8 simple things to battle Writer's Block".

You vehemently smiled-a smile like Joker's, the Heath Ledger version.

That day, your Boss emailed you a promotion letter. You fervently wept.

Writer's Block: And How You Defeated It

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