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What is a United Airlines Mile Worth and collecting them

I thought I'd take a look at another airline rewards program. This time, it is the United Airlines Mileage Plus program. After some calculations, I estimated one of the United Airlines Miles to a value of 1.28 cents or $ 0.0128 redeemed when you use your miles for flights and up to 5 cents or 0.05 U.S. dollars at redemption for restaurant certificates. I know that a small number, especially with how many decimal places I have lived through, it seems, but they add up when you speak dozens ofThousands of miles to fly somewhere.

Remember when I say the 1.28 cents per mile for flights that took me a rough estimate of the flight (the cheapest flights on certain days, which is based as well). The use in other rewards are also its value. I think traveling is one of the worst does not use a monetary value. Entertainment rewards are usually the most value / mile (probably) because of the high markup, with their prices. With Mileage Plus miles forRestaurant certificates on, it seems that you can get anywhere from 2.5 cents per mile to 5 cents per mile. Significantly higher value for your Mileage Plus miles.

I was not able to review electronics, as they are anyway not immediately accessible to the elite status. Mileage Plus miles you earn a variety of ways as well.

What is the value of A United Airlines Mile?


I priced products from a flight from New York to LosAngeles and back with Mileage Plus miles, and only pay for it regularly. To try to a little better, I found the cheapest flight I could for a week round trip as well.

The exit price for 2 weeks in advance, was U.S. $ 318.80 for round-trip. The price in the United Airlines Miles has 25,000 miles and no fee because I booked far enough in advance.

If you share a bit of math you will find the $ 318.80 you will be the price of 25,000 per United Airline mile I (just want to sayPrice per mile from now on.

This figure, when U.S. $ 318.80/25000 = $ 0.0128/Mile. This is to the nearest 100th of a cent rounded.

Remember, this is the value of Mileage Plus miles for this particular flight. You can set the value for each flight or any other products to be calculated by dividing the amount of money that have come out of the bag that you have saved by the miles and divided by the number of miles you used. This will tell you the value per mile for each commodity.Some flights are better than others. Electronics are generally a lower rate of return on your Mileage Plus miles, but entertainment is better.


Are advertised on the website Restaurant certificates from These are coupons for restaurants that you can partner in on their website.

The vouchers are $ 25 for 1000 miles or $ 100 for 2000 miles. $ 25 divided by 1,000, and $ 100 in 2000 indicate 2.5 dividedCents and 5 cents per mile. This is a very good return compared to the flight, but you must remember to be on food and that's it. Depending on what you are looking for, you want to spend your miles, what do you want to.

If you eat as you like to travel and tell you to pay your miles for food and only for your air tickets from their own pockets to use.


Tips for saving on Airfare

1. Do not fly on weekends. You probably want to pay an additional $ 25 - $ 40, because airlines use peak hiking their prices, and you can also waste much time in traffic jams.

2. Fly from Monday to Wednesday.

3. Do not fly during the holidays and nothing else during the season. Even airlines take advantage of holidays.

4. Stay of one week to 90 days. You receive discounts on your ticket.

5. Save up to $ 1000 by booking connecting flightsReceived instead of direct.

6. Get the senior discount when you come into question.

7. Go with a smaller airline. The major airlines have a lot of advertising spending, and they get the money from the passengers.

8. Find people who sell online cheap tickets.

9. Buy your tickets at least 20 days before the actual departure. The cheap get sold out quickly.

10. Fly to the "inconvenient" times, such as early morning or late in theEvening.

11. Book your flights as a one-way tickets and round-trip. This can also search you the time that you take.

12. Make sure you know any additional fees in advance, for example, checking baggage and fuel.

13. Wait until the last minute before departure to book your flight. Airlines often slash the rates in half, after they see that the seats empty when they will not do.

As a patient, and conducts research on the websites of airlines and find Placessuch as Craigslist for people who do not travel to some good ideas are decided.

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Flight UA 585 & USAir 427 (Hidden Danger) - 2 / 3

Hidden Danger

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My heart cries out

A solemn breeze

Does the air

His pants

From a tired heart

Sets to flight

The butterfly

Who do leaves

His role

Miles away

Reached here

To rest on

The moor

But the wind

This came about is

Not the same

And still on the ground

The heart that cried


For the heart

There is no really

But the heart, the left

Feelsnot the same

And the screams

Easily dismissed

The butterfly

It took flight

Because of the eyes


The magnificence of it

And glorious flare

Has a lot to say

To have enough

His eyes caught while

The hearts touched

Along his journey


Talked with them

Stabbed them all

Triggered her love,

Their hate and fear

A tired heart

SA alone

SpreadingHis love


Does the knee

To beg and plead

As it dips

Crawling Down

The wind continues

It does not stop

Whisking by

The levy

Any limit set

It stood in the way

She went;

Yes, anyone

It blows from the right

How to fly the butterfly

Not the direct route

It takes

But now you see

When it stops

Their goal


The cry of the heart

The message that

The breeze

Carries on

It stays out

Up in the air

Long after the

Heart away

The butterfly takes off

And does the wind

When she was still

Much to share

Soon, the butterfly sees

The wind feels they

As it blows

Right through the hair

She closes her eyes

And cocks his head

Comforted by

The feeling

Then give him a call

With no reason to

Because she knows

His love is real ...

They resist the weary heart.

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Aircraft seat plans - improving each flight

Many people who fly for pleasure or for business reasons, have a seat on an airplane for 2-3 hours, or sometimes more, depending on the trip they make, and while flying in an uncomfortable seat in the airplane can be a real pain for them. This happens very often by the lack of details that each airline published on their planes, or because the people who do not fly an aircraft seating plan not consulted before to book a ticket.

Airplane seat maps can beespecially useful for frequent or occasional fliers and help them to choose their seat on an airplane before they prefer to purchase their tickets. Knowing where to place before he is on board very good because on almost all seating charts you can find all the details of the local branch of more legroom, lack of windows or any other information.

Most airlines publish seat configurations for their aircraft, but the quality of the seat distribution is several times questionableand some of the details and information, confusion over the seats. Airlines generally do not publish seat maps for all their planes, they do it only for the large aircraft and for flying the most common routes.

In additions to the published seat maps, airlines are finding Web sites, there are some other websites who publish aircraft seat maps for almost all commercial airplanes in those days. Seat maps that have on these sites usually can be found anymoreDetails and on some sites you can find comments from other passengers with ups and downs to each airplane seat.

Choosing your seat is like choosing an airline or an airplane and fly important to some people prefer to fly only when it is located near a window or a few people happy in their own cabin and the requirements and conditions of each passenger fly could go on. Consulting seat map before they can bring on board only benefits and show the passengers more detailsto compare on the plane with the details and information about each airplane or flight to publish the airlines.

The bottom line is that airplane seat maps that can be found easily on the Internet can help people to select the best seats, which will satisfy all the requirements set for them. Improve Finding the right house with the help of aircraft seating configurations can be much the flight conditions and things are better when read other people's opinions of pilots and aircraft seats, as badSitting or bad flights can be avoided.

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(1 / 4) Delta Air Lines Flight 191

Invisible Killer

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Flight - History of the Aircraft and the Flying Steps

The invention of flight by the Wright brothers has brought about a revolution in the world. The concept of speed and distance started changing. Tried the impossible possible. The perfect combination of strength, weight and carrying capacity has been experimented and finally achieved.

The airplanes were previously called "dragons"! She did not have much power and were granted with a lot of wing area. The streamlined plane landed shortly before the First World War, it wasCleaner aerodynamic shapes and had increased horsepower. During the First World War, the traditional wooden frames were replaced by welded steel pipes. Duralumin was used to prepare all assembly wings, fuselage and tail in flight.

Slowly metal was used to replace the use of wood in the preparation of the body of the flight. The revolutionary Boeing 247, the streamlined all-metal semi-monocoque construction combined, retractable landing gear and propeller. Whenever there is aWar, the nation tries to use the best technology. During the 2nd World War II fighter jet was developed. An all-composite construction was estimated in 1980. The flight design Brut Rutan in the history of non-stop flight around the world without refueling point.

The Voyager cell composite was light and orbited the Earth in nine days. Not only for transporting people from place to place, safe space shuttle for the space ready. The various mechanical Flightsincluding aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, blimps, balloons and spacecraft. Flying an airplane is not an easy task. It is about different methods such as rollers, take off, climb, descent, flight planning, and landing. Some of the early aviation pioneers were Abbas Ibn Firnas, Amelia Earhart, Alberto Santos Dumont, Armen Firman, Charles Lindbergh, Richard Pearse, and ultimately, the Wright brothers.

A taxiway is used for flights from one place to another by means of motion Wheels on the airport grounds. The process, if the flight when the speed is controlled by start and leave the runway, the ground and flies into the air as a start. For light flights, is generally used full power. Get always includes the flight to the desired cruising altitude. Cruise involved changing the direction of the flight. The landing of the flight by reducing the height is the descent of a flight known. Flight planning is an essential component in both private and commercial> Flights. Landing of the flight until the soil is the ultimate part of the safe handling of a flight.

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Air India Express Flight Sim 2004 HD

IFR flight from Jaipur to Delhi. Air India Express, not new to anyone who has come with the low-cost flights to India shortly. The jury of this aircraft is still the old one, I will try soon with the actual panel. I hope you enjoy this video in HD and now I will soon with the new:) I completed this video with clips from the replay function in FS2004 so please dont take account of the smoke from the nose wheel during take-off: p The end credits contains a smallError with the son of "g", all Windows Movie Maker and I am not: p

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Where Are The Cheap Air Travel and Airline Tickets Online

If you'll ever fly an empty seat, you will witness a waste of money by the airline. The cost for the total amount of airline tickets for a flight is calculated so that every full flight pays for itself. For this reason, a vacancy is not supported not participated in the flight. Because of these airlines will do what they can to fill that seat, even if it is listed at a lower price than. At least then they will do in the situation, some of what they areto lose.

There are several sites online that try to get you cheaper tickets are. Due to the way they do, however, you will not be able to get if you fly to only where and to the general time you want to be. If you are a person who has every aspect of your trip you are planning this option is not for you, as you will be using at the whim of the site you would normally. If you do not really matter if you, then let either of these sites or how it would bea good way to look up when planning to fly somewhere.

Besides trying to get you airline tickets are cheaper, some other online sites for the public to compare flight prices from a variety of different airlines in order to bring you the best solution for your budget available. Most of these sites, you can be your destination and departure location and calculate a price for you. Many of them will also feature articles on the airline industry and give you a heads-up onAirlines that under the turnover or special offers. Some also sites where discounts are given to flights over the country and make available online. They also have a list of different airlines, vouchers and the flight or package they offer to their customers.

Basically, a person could find a cheaper on their own if they find enough to win. Often the cost of the ticket depends on a number of factors surrounding the departure andDestination. So, if you look at different airlines and try to find one that is a better deal than the rest, you can cut in a position to the middle man of the websites listed above. To facilitate these comparisons, there are many sites that will find a side by side matching system to enable a flight. Even if you do not want to book online, you can still find which airline the price is right for your budget is.

Flying cheaper can be as simple as bidding on acheap air or travel vouchers, or compare prices on any number of websites. Just looking around on the Internet can provide a wealth of options when it comes to finding a good vacation with air travel and your budget under control.

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Jet analysis (English): Access final part4


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Cheap International Air Tickets

Buy Cheap international flights is a challenge at times with regard to the always the best cheap flights. If you do not really know how and where to buy a ticket you can pay at the end of more than 3-4 times the regular fare published in full.

Call your travel agents to see whether they travel deals to be better than what you have already found online offering. You can also filter, sort, and immediate results, depending on the choice ofAirlines, time and date of your trip and the number of stopovers.

Waiting for last-minute deals which might not be a good option in this way we could lose a lot of money plus a waste of time


Avoid traveling on the weekends - Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. International flights are generally higher for this day. Plus, most airlines charge extra fees as charges for weekend tickets.


Scheduling your international travel from a holiday is perhaps the best way toto avoid a busy and overbooked flights. The time, day, seasons, months, and is very important to determine how much you are willing to pay for cheap international airline tickets.


Avoid it while retrieve the high peaks in summer or winter holiday times. Flying in the winter except of course during Christmas and New Year is the best way to get savings.

Plan ahead and buy in advance. Purchase at least 3-4 months before your travel dates and can really savemany extra dollars. Many times, the time depends on who you decide to book flights and availability of seats at low fares on this particular point in time.

There is no single magic or set of formulas that can turn on and cheap international flights. You have to try all available options and patience in searching, browsing and comparison of all flights of the low available at a given time.

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Cheap flights to Las Vegas

If you want a holiday with a cheap flight to Las Vegas Package you hotels, flights, meals, excursions and entertainment for one low price. The best thing about choosing a holiday in this way is that you have it all paid for before you go on holiday. You do not have the budget, as long as you are there, and only need to make sure you have enough money for the extras such as cover, for example, shopping, drinks, etc.

There are many sites on the Internet, where a givencheap flights to Las Vegas. These will have to spend extra money for the hotel or gambling in the casino. Try and search for last-minute deals that give only can the flight and the hotel for what you pay for usually only for the flight. You can also rent a car in this way, so that you do not even rely on taxis or public transport.

Others look at Web sites that you want to be [] or If you have a lot of time and it does not matter if you can get a flight to your online bid for a flight to You may have to bear in the early morning or late evening flight, but if you get the ticket at a bargain price, then it is worth the loss of sleep.

Another way may be a cheap flight without even attempting to get is to voluntarily remain behind, if the flight is posted to you. The airlines will give you a later flight and a freeTicket for a flight to any destination that has the airline. You can have your Las Vegas flight and the time of your life.

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Navigate around the world at low prices

When benefits are all that it automatically moves the nerves connected to mad. Search for better and more cost-effective ways is quite natural, as we want to get the best value for their hard-earned money. Travel has always been by the people as the best alternative is preferred for the daily hectic schedules to liberate. Cheap flights can help you, provoke your enthusiasm to a great part. There may be various reasons for a person, how can it be a journeyHoliday or a business trip or even a honeymoon trip. Whatever the case, would you prefer not always dent on your pocket. How to save more money you another option, so you have more exciting journey.

The industry of tourism is growing by leaps and bounds, and the drift of traveling around the different parts of the world is speeding up this development. There are certain things that much to ask for a person to introduce themselves in the importance ofExpeditions. Get all the first-hand information on accommodation and transportation options, and also the hot list of destinations. You should plan your trip in advance through to ensure comfortable journey and maximum fun. For if these programs are not planned in advance a land wasting large chunks of money.

You can find cheap flights, very easy in those days. You can contact any travel agent, if this cause. In addition, the Internetwould help you to find these cards without any problems. In addition, there are several tour operators who take their own websites to facilitate the user all the necessary information. In these websites, you can conveniently detailed description of the well known tourist destinations and the specialties of the most popular places. These travel portals also offers various lucrative offers and provides the people are subjected to fuel more such expeditions.

In these days of airlinein almost every country offer low-cost facilities to the people. Traveling by air is constantly gaining momentum today, as the rate of those flights have been reduced so far that can take people from each class to complete. Moreover, it is quite natural that most people visit these days to nurture the desire to foreign countries at regular intervals. This unique wish is its cheap prices, people are crazy and should be strengthened to help thoseOffers without any tension. Cheap options will be offered by almost all airlines to save on the budgetary constraints ease.

You can take several benefits claim by the lowest for the flights. They are very friendly and pocket to help you make investing your hard-earned money to other purposes. However, when such tickets, which takes you claim, should definitely go the details carefully to avoid unnecessary complications. Get the first hand information about theCheck-in and check-out time, so you were raised in good time. Be alert and avoid each time, neglect, the best performance obtained at reasonable prices.

It should be remembered in a variety of things, while using these cheap airline tickets. Plan your trip in advance so that you can compare different options before making your final decision. To this end, the comparison sites can prove to be beneficial for you. These flights are generally offered to the people oftravel agencies and airlines to fill seats that have become free and spaces and not to the credit loss. You can also join together to obtain the various travel newsgroups to the latest data on the cheap travel deals and vacation packages to. These tickets come to you at very reasonable prices and if you are smart enough to try to grab them if they'll cooperate with various services offered.


Adam Air (Air Crash Investigation Pt.2)

The plane, which is gone. Adam Air Flight 574 was miles off course when it disappeared from radar. The researchers show why the plane crashed into the Java Sea killing 102 people on board. You only see educational purposes

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Air Line Tickets

It is possible surprises when purchasing air tickets online, how many taxes and fees are to be found, ant trip ticket included. There is a base fare that the airlines decide that a passenger on a particular route depending on free air miles flown by, among other things. But on top of that, many add fees and charges and if you sometimes more than the base fare itself. Overbooked travelers have no choice but to all of these to pay for the trip. Flights, longSecurity lines and lost luggage and no frill services are additional headaches.

Air travel is taxing in more than passengers can only imagine. Travelers pay a short list of the taxes, fees and other charges often invisible even to the experienced traveler.

Will perhaps have some of you already know that our nation's air transit system primarily through federal excise taxes and other charges that are levied by the airline's financesPassengers on the purchase air line tickets. A smaller portion comes from airlines and transportation in the form of fuel and cargo taxes, and these costs are often passed on to our customers.

Here is the list of fees and charges can be observed:

1. A 7.5-percent federal tax is included with each ticket. It is levied by the airlines and passed on to the IRS, the deposits in the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.

2. A separate Rural Airport Taxdetected by 7.5 percent, on flights that begin or end in the rural and airports, but passengers will be exempt from the other ticket and the segment tax. Passengers between the continental United States and Alaska or Hawaii pay an additional $ 7.50 in the form of taxes.

3. The passenger flight segment tax, currently $ 3.40, will pay each time a passenger takes off and lands. Passengers on a nonstop segment, additional taxes.

4. Passenger facility charge - A local taxcollected by airlines and paid directly to the airport, where it is collected. It is free and widely used for the construction of airports and other improvements. It could rise soon.

5. International arrival and departure taxes - The tax rate is down from $ 15.10 per passenger on all flights to or from abroad. The fee is tied to the Consumer Price Index and 12.7 percent increased over the past five years.

6. Security for Transportation Security FeesAdministration. This was confirmed by Congress after 11 September 2001, terrorist attacks, these fees cost customers $ 2.50 per boarding school established with a $ 5 maximum per one-way, even with multiple segments.

7. Ticketing fee - the online site or the consolidator can charge from $ 5 to $ 30 on air line tickets

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Airberlin AB3333 flight | Boeing 737-800 | Taxiing + Takeoff | Part 1

Visit my HP! 07.02.2010 1 PART! See Part 2 here: Air Berlin Boeing 737-86J (WL) with the Kings: D-ABKH rolls and starts, on the occasion of Airberlin round-trip flight on 07.02.2010 at Dusseldorf Airport. Flight Number: AB3333 Airberlin The Boeing 737-800 with identifier D-ABKH rolled and goes on the Düsseldorf International Airport. The occasion was the Airberlin sight seeing flight of 07/02/2010. Flight Number: AB3333 Please Rate Comment and subscribe!Please rate, comment and subscribe! Watch in HD! (High Definition)

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Cheap Flights & Cheap Airfares in USA

The world is large and there are countless things to do, infinite places to visit, meet countless people and win countless experiences. There is only one life, why not the best of it. But things are easier said than done. It is not so easy, right? There are too many barriers that keep not let you take a break from the constant to-do-list and compel you drop the idea halfway. The largest first and foremost the lack of cheap air fares in the U.S. to the desiredGoal. Cheap airfares and cheap flights deals to your favorite destination are just too hard to get.

With so many options for finding cheap airfares in USA through online travel sites have the task has become easier on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is even more confusing. Who can be trusted and must have a contract with would be an obvious question for all travelers, especially those who are traveling for the first time. But notConcern, a little browsing on the website, advice from friends and little research would help you crack the best deal.

Sign up on the internet today and book your cheap flights from the comfort of your computer. Yes, that's true, the comfort of your computer and then only by a few mouse clicks. It's just a matter of few clicks that you hunt your cheap airfares in the U.S. and end up with a significant reduction in the amount of money on your itinerary. This will not onlyHelps you save money during your trip, but also allows you relentlessly, without business as too heavy on the pocket.

There are many companies who have long experience in the travel domain. If you expect a lot of time and money that saved after making contact with them be, do not ask much. Book your cheap airfares in USA at an incredibly low price and get the best deals not only be cost effective, but this time on all your future endeavors. This time, if youPlan your route to your travel agent for a break. Instead, you log on to the Internet and let the travel firms take care of your grief journey. What you need to do is just choose the nearest airport to your area and explore the destination that you intend to. Choose from the list of cheap flights that are offered to you and best suits your travel plan.

A perfect holiday for all, would include this: As with your loved ones, visitexciting places you've dreamed of, shopping your heart out and enjoy the best cuisine. After all this, if you could manage to save some money just icing on the cake.

This summer, when your children insist for an outing in one of the cities in the U.S. or even overseas, do not just say no to the budget would be a major constraint. A little planning and research is what is needed to experience one of the most beautiful and economically vacation ever.

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Air traffic worldwide

The team presents the global air traffic (simulation over 24 hours).

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Flights to South Africa - advice for cheap international airfare to Cape Town & Johannesburg

Use these tips and you pay as little as possible for your tickets for Southern Africa.

You save money on air tickets to Cape Town & Johannesburg If you are flexible

Airlines usually offer more discount flights to South Africa in the mid-week, when over the weekend. This is only a matter of supply and demand. Most people want to fly on weekends or on Friday or Monday. So if you are ready to fly to cities in South Africa on Tuesday and On Wednesdays, you have a better chance of finding cheap flights to Johannesburg or cheap flights to Cape Town.

Look At Daylight flights to South Africa's largest country

From Europe, light some airlines flights to Johannesburg or Cape Town and others have night flights. If you are traveling, on the southern part of Africa from Europe or Europe as you remember. Perhaps you can find on this day time> Flights are cheaper than flights where you spend the night in the airplane. This is mainly due to more demand from industry for the people of night flight. This is a good tip if you want to find cheap business class tickets to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Flies in Cape Town in the low season

Most airlines have Johannesburg flights, no flights to Cape Town. Johannesburg is the country's business capital and by far the largest city withThe biggest airport. Johannesburg is the main hub for South African Airways, the largest airline. So, this tip works in two directions.

Compare the fares to Johannesburg, flights to Cape Town - then in domestic airlines within the country, you look cheap flights between the two cities to receive.

Check flights from several airports in your country. For example, compare flights to Johannesburg or Cape Town from London, flights to the southAfrican cities from Manchester and flights to the best African cities from Birmingham. As you do this, note that for flights to South Africa from Manchester or Birmingham, you find that the cheaper flights that do not like London at all, but from Amsterdam or elsewhere in Europe.

So if you want more money for your safari or holiday in Cape Town in South Africa, use these tips to get the lowest available airfare!

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To check on your flight tips Upgraded

Have you ever wondered how people update on the run? Well, we have some top tips to ensure that if there is an opportunity to be updated to the one they will choose.

Ever wished you were in a different location on your flight? Well, then you might want to consider ways in which the update on your flight. A popular and common way of then it is time to upgrade to a frequent flyer program, an airline or travel with someone. Some members find that theybe upgraded as the demand on the level and the fact that they are a frequent flyer member.

Often, a flight upgrade is the result of a plane overbooked. If your flight needs to be balanced very empty, the airline will upgrade some of the passengers to get it right back out. The best place to sit for this type of update is in the middle.

You can also update themselves on a flight when it was about to be posted. This is often done to obtain this upgrade you mustvoluntarily give up your seat, usually the next will be a better place as a thank you.

Another possibility, as is updated on flights, your attitude, polite and courteous to the gate agent, and especially the guards. Your attitude is the second thing you notice besides your clothes and the right, one you will receive an upgrade faster. Remember that every employee is on the run and the passengers in the choice to upgrade to discuss, so goodImpression on everyone. Take care with it, dress nicely, how good will a good business casual style. A well-dressed passengers on selected receive only wore sweats and tennis shoes.

When booking your flight, ask the agent after they have begun entering your data into the computer when there are any upgrades. Be polite while to figure out without himself or the agent, if one is available. If you find that it is not so easy to just say "thank you"but if it, and it does consider it to save money, you can in the long run. Secondly, if one is available to the agents available that customers politely remind and recommend possible.

After a box of chocolates is another way to get an upgrade. During a speech at the head attendant, ask if there's an update, and then mention that you celebrate, or want to share some more chocolate. If it is then do not say "thanks" and give them the chocolate you can findwith an upgrade that was not available when needed.

Showing up for your flight later than sooner, you may be also a chance to get the upgrade. It's the end of the loading of passengers, if the agent and supervisor to know what places leaves and what not.

A good impression goes a long way and will be updated on your flight is no different.

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Safety Airplane - Official Rating Of Indonesia Airline Companies

Plane is known as one of the safest means of transport on the ground, but still take a lot of people afraid to fly today. If your hands are sweating or your heart beating faster just before take-off or landing, you're probably one of this nation. Depend on where you are traveling, these feelings can be intensified, especially if you have the numerous tragic accident that the affected region have been involved in. Listened

The purpose of this article is not that moreFear of taking the plane, but only to inform you of the reality. And can help you take the right decision when purchasing your ticket. Also a way to travel 100% security does not exist yet and will probably never do, we all want to put the balance in our favor. In some countries, minimum pension and complete information seems necessary.

I love Indonesia. It is a beautiful country with more than ten thousand tropical islands, thousands of dialects and hundreds of interestingCultures. White sand and beautiful beaches, impenetrable rainforest and on the islands of the active volcanoes make this area one of the most beautiful countries in the world for backpackers. The wild life in the sea than in rural areas are incredibly diverse and Indonesia are among hundreds if not thousands of species found nowhere else you can find. In addition, Indonesia has to offer rich natural resources, food, and premium material for this over populated country (more than 200 millionPeople).

What is the relationship with the plane? I think many people are reluctant to travel around Indonesia since the last event. Or should I say events (with an "s"). In fact, in recent years in view of the catastrophic plane crash. Unfortunately, this wonderful country is by a large majority of the corrupt politicians who control much better than the plane Regulation is not regulated. As it is, of course, the big competitions among the Airlines Company push each of them to reduceAt any cost. And very often starting by reducing the frequency of the maintenance of their aircraft or the use of old spare parts, etc.. This can be scary, but it's true.

Obviously, the Indonesian Transport Ministry recently announced that it will likely fall three airlines, the lowest rating category. The airlines were Adam Air Wings Air and Air Dirgantara. Basically, they separate the different companies in three categories. The first category(Category I) is described as "fully compatible regarded" group. The companies in the last category (category III) is three months time to make improvements withdrawn prior to their licenses. The mean (Category II) is for the companies that have met the minimum requirement of safety but has not yet complied with a series of flight-related safety measures.

After they reviewed the safety for all 20 airlines, they come with the following results.

None of theAirlines are fully complying with safety regulations. This means that none are the airline companies all over Indonesia in category I. The 13 companies are in Category II: Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air Wings Air, Indonesia AirAsia, Mandala Airlines, Pelita Air Service, Riau Airlines, Air Service and Travel Express Aviation Service Trigana. These airlines just on a smaller number of securityRequirements. And for the lower category III, we have: Batavia, Adam Air, Kartika Airlines, Trans Wisata Air, Jatayu Airlines and cargo aircraft Tri MG Intra Asia Airlines and Manunggal Air Service.

Some companies use to proclaim the airlines in the medium category to no idea of the nature of the criteria the government in order to assess the airlines. I must admit that the transparency has never been the strength of this government. Some airlines promised that they willWithout prior notice. At least, this result has strengthened the debate and of course the situation should improve in the future.

Personally, I believe AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia and Merpati to some of the safest, despite the tragic events of Garuda Indonesia last month. For AirAsia, it is not actually a local company as they are in Malaysia, but at least fifteen destinations in Indonesia. And they have the cheapest airline tickets available in Asia.

I hope that thisDo not take articles, her curiosity for travel to Indonesia. Than seven years in Jakarta immigrants, I advise you to consider this destination for your next trip. Indonesia is still one of the few countries in the world where you can find such a variety of cultural and Panorama in the same place. Just remember to follow the above safety of aircraft and not you to check the article about travel insurance (see blog: And everythingshould be fine. Good luck and good journey.

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Global Passenger Airlines in 2012

In the year 2007, an estimated 2.25 billion passengers traveled by airline flights around the world. The year 2007 was regarded as the best for the global aerospace industry since 2000. It was observed that a significant increase in both passenger and cargo airlines in 2007. Increasing gasoline fell for the growth of the cargo airlines.

It is estimated that passenger traffic would be for the year 2008 4.665 billion RPK (Revenue PassengerKilometers) around the world and projected to 5603 billion PKT by 2012.The United States is at number one position in the view, the biggest market for passenger cross with an estimated number of 1,111 billion RPK in 2008. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the world with a growth rate of 7.2% over the period 2001-2010.

In the last four years, the world airline industry has suffered huge losses. There may be many different reasons for these losses. TheSeveral new airlines have been launched, the atmosphere at a competitive disadvantage in the aviation industry in the world created. The competition brought about a good thing for passengers in terms of facilities and air fares. The passenger had a little spending money to enjoy their journey as compared to the previous. When votes are some of the reasons the airline industry losses were taken.

o Global Economic Slowdown.
o The war with Iraq for a long time.
o SARSInfectivity.
o hike in oil prices in the air craft used.

The year 2007 recorded a significant gain in passenger and cargo segments and as the best year so far drawn from the year 2000 in the global airline industry into consideration. Although the profits have increased for several airlines flights to the decreasing number of passengers. The competition for providing cheap flights can be considered as a factor for the increase in the number of passengers.

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Flight Attendant Hiring Outlook

The recruitment outlook for flight attendants has brightened in recent months. With the recent announcement, United Airlines, that they would immediately begin to hire up to 2,000 new flight attendants Led the news has provoked the most attention. If you are interested because a flight attendant, is the market the best of it in five years. Let's take a look at the setting, or who can be expected in the next year to rent.

Legacy Carriers - Beaten up byhigh personnel costs, rising fuel prices, competition from cheap airlines and the general inefficiency of two traditional carriers [such as the airlines have helped the U.S. airline industry has] defined the corner and ask a flight attendant. United Airlines and Continental Airlines are hiring for various centers in the U.S..

Discount carriers - Southwest, AirTran, Mesa and Alaska Airlines are all set right now. In fact, on the recruitment of boardfound in nearly all the discount stores now, as they seek to strengthen their feet on the market.

Regional carriers - Chautauqua, Comair, Champion Air and Air Wisconsin rentals all. As the discount carriers are regional airlines, most abundant in cash and build their routes. More roads mean additional staff needed to utilize the increased capacity.

Charter carriers - Air Miami, and several other airlinesthat unscheduled flights set to fly.

Start Up Carriers - The two newest carriers, EOS Airlines and MaxJet Airways cabin crew have set up recently and are expected to adjust again.

So when winging their way to Peoria or Paris is the kind of life that you want to lead, then worked as a flight attendant is certainly one of the ways to do just that. Airlines are hiring and the prey for the right candidate for good. Contact your desiredAirline directly for current information and setting of the open door.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beechcraft King Air 300 Time Lapse of Dallas to Corpus Chrisi

This was about the last hour of the flight from Dallas Love Field (KDAL) to Corpus Christi (KCRP). I have the Time Lapse approximately Droid on my phone. I set it to take a picture every 6 seconds. Whenever I try to slightly more than one image every 6 seconds I get a blurred image every few frames to do. I have a windshield with a coat hanger and a suction cup mount and it worked pretty well. Maybe I am a video on the windshield mount someday.

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Advice on Cheap Europe Flights

Cheap flights Europe do not treat you the way that do America flights. They do not offer meals, drinks, or even pre-booked seats. Many times you can be at remote airports in Europe, almost an hour to fly away from your destination. If you find it, then you want to make sure commuting arrangements before the flight because some airports do not offer ground transportation. However, in the event that one hoursGround travel is nothing is in Europe and yet at the end of your price considerably less expensive.

Sometimes you'll see that European flights are more likely than other major airlines have cancellations. They do not offer compensation in the event that you cancel your flight, either. Cheap is not normally allow you to bring a lot of luggage on-line either board. If you have more luggage limits, they may have a very high fee.

The most obviousAdvantage of cheap European flights is the huge discount. You will generally find cheaper flights on weekdays, but on weekends, prices are lower than the flights here! For example, you have a European airline, and an American company, you can see flying through the European airline for less than $ 228 too! Of course there are taxes and fees, which total about $ 27. The American Airlines cost $ 243 $ 54 total with a fee, tax, amounting to about $ 297.

Thereis one reason why rail transportation equipment is much more popular in Europe, but these flights are incredibly cheap. Of course, travel is by plane will be faster than soil, which you the chance to visit, more European cities. So it's all about one's own desires, if you decide to take by American companies, trains, or to travel cheap flights to Europe.

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Can you still Find cheap flights?

The rising cost of fuel is a strong influence on the pricing, and many airlines have had their prices just can not afford to increase their flights to operate. Most airlines do with things like in-flight meals, to reduce costs, while others even go so far as to redesign their aircraft so they more easily and need less fuel.

Do not even look at change as luggage requirements and the dates of the airlines allow people with baggageis slightly above its limits on flights are over as well. But with all that you can still find low-cost flights and sometimes in places you never really thought of.

In some cases, you can find the flights only by calling the airline at least 30 days before the flight, but that will wear out starts. Just as you can find cheap flights? The Internet is obviously a gold mine of offers, and you can find many cheap flightsjust search on the Internet. But if you buy on the Internet make sure that you can not always be deceived.

Make sure always one of the flights you buy from an Internet provider with the airline. It is too easy for a shady internet vendor to sell you the wrong ticket and then claim that it is the airline responsible. There are many legitimate flights out there on the Internet, but you should always be careful.

Travel agents will be blocked from buying ticketsin advance, as in advance, and they sell to their customers. This is another great opportunity to low-cost flights. Always check with a travel agency, because they can have the exact package that you are looking at rolling with low cost flights. You can also just flights for sale that you will benefit from as well.

In these times of high fuel prices and consolidation of the airlines, it is difficult to find even Cheap flights if you need them.But if you can look to the time we still find offers. Be sure to check everything out before you, because you never know when someone is trying to commit you for a ride.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Jet analysis (English): hidden crisis part1


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Flight Attendant Jobs - Stable airline career with an unprecedented Travel Benefits

We see them dressed in full uniform and machinations of their bag behind them. They fly at a moments notice and get some exotic destinations. I'm not talking about airline pilots, but flight attendants. They are the airline professionals that we interact with on our flight from here to there.

Cabin crew called "stewardesses." In the past, flight attendant jobs were to be reserved for women - the tasks a breeze. Most people think that everything they do is passfrom peanuts and drinks. If you ever had any trouble, had during a flight, you know that they are much more than that.

Flight attendants are an important part of the airline workers. They are assigned to each flight, in a ratio of 1 to 50. A Flight Attendant's primary responsibility is the comfort and safety of passengers.

The responsibility for a plane full of passengers is a daunting task. It can occur any number of things. Passengers sick, degenerate passengers;Aircraft emergencies, which could be life threatening. A flight attendant must be ready for anything on their Clock occur.

All cabin crew have one thing in common: good customer service. No matter what the situation, keeping a cool head is not uncommon for a positive outcome. They treat everyone with respect and expect the same back. Whenever someone needs help, they are there to be granted.

Becoming a Flight Attendant is a rewarding careerboth men and women. While working on various airlines, aviation professionals get this lucky to see much of the world. Here, guests can a set schedule or one that is somewhat more difficult.

Flight attendant schools offer the training needed to pursue a career in this field of aviation industry. Schools teach courses in the basics of customer care, performing routine work tasks such as packing the luggage and safety demonstrations on the execution of emergency exits from the plane and first aidMeasures. Cabin crew also learn the management side of their business. Taking courses in addition to a higher degree is a big advantage when recruiting new employees.

As airlines increase their flights, so the demand for cabin crew will be increased. A job as a flight attendant requires a series of steps. One step is the interview. Job interviews are about the candidates sell themselves as a viable candidate. Professionalism goes a long way to gothat the first cut. Practice for the interview ahead of time with someone. During the interview, make eye contact with the interviewer and pause before answering questions. This time can, your thoughts together, then the answer given is consistent.

What is after the interview? Cabin crew members must now undergo a series of tests, including a medical examination and aptitude tests. These candidates in different classes, they get for their lives is to be prepared in the clouds. With terrorism as a very real threat, the flight attendants to learn to deal with hostage taking and other terrorist maneuvers. Quick thinking can save lives.

A flight attendant must be passed in each phase of training to be hired by an airline. Once set, they start at the bottom, which means that their schedules are pretty hectic. Flight attendants with seniority can opt for a normal schedule, and their choice of flights. New flight attendants have tight schedules with on-call> Flights. People who stay as busy or have no family ties may prefer this type of program.

Here's a tip for finding the open flight attendant jobs: Click Visit airline websites, you are the careers or jobs link you are looking for career fairs and then to job postings or information on the next flight attendant. Many airlines conduct initial interviews at job fairs across the country to participate in or near their hubs.

The world of flight attendants is not competitive. In order to be hired by the aboveAirline needs to be a candidate at the top of his game. With so many competing for fewer positions, a candidate needs something special to make it stand out from the rest.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Air Hauler Review - Just Flight Product product can be found here - http

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Five Practical Flight Safety Tips

According to statistics from well-known, where a flight is a much safer way to travel than driving a car, the number of injuries and fatalities associated with traffic accidents on the ground associated outweigh such tragedies in the air. However, it is in because of the reporting the media distorts dramatic plane crashes, or involved an act of deep-rooted fear of flying, or the impression of high speed and high passenger plane in an accident is still a lot of people feel thatAir transport is uncertain by nature. Regardless of your views on air travel, carrying more of the following safety tips can help you injury-free during your flight.

# 1 - Keep Your Seat Belt attached

It seems like common sense, but many people tend to unbuckle their seat belts buckle up as soon as "void". During airplane seat belts can be uncomfortable, they are just as important for a security feature, since they are on a car. It isnot a good idea to go broke with a belt, because you accept, you will not get into an accident, not with a belt broke fly because the pilot ahead of expected no difficulties.

# 2 - Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Due to the low pressure in aircraft cabins, alcohol has a greater effect on your body. Although many people enjoy a drink while flying, remember that this is seriously your discernment and your reflexes affecting relaxation in the casean emergency.

# 3 - Be Aware of Overhead Luggage

Many people are so busy with possible engine trouble or pilot error, that of a serious risk of injury just sitting over their heads - heavy luggage forgotten. Overhead bins contain only so much weight, and during the turbulence may have open doors to fall heavy suitcases and bags to passengers. Keeping the size and weight of the overhead luggage prevents downward risk of injury to yourself and your colleaguesPassengers.

# 4 - Fly Direct

The accident risk of a flight phases are launch, ascent, descent and landing. The more cases you during this trip a special meeting, the more likely (at least statistically be involved) in an accident or fall. Flying ensures direct that only those high-risk phases are again suspended.

# 5 - Select Large aircraft Large Airlines

Do not buy into myths about the risky nature of the major airlines or largeAircraft. It is true that an accident can lead to a major aircraft in a higher number of deaths, this is simply because the larger number of people on the plane, and not for reasons of safety problems with the aircraft itself are in fact large airlines and large aircraft generally highly regulated and controlled by government agencies, so they tend to be less secure than their smaller counterparts.

For more safety tips to prevent injuries, visit the website of Chicago personal injuryLawyers Friedman & Bonebrake on

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Friday, February 19, 2010

RMR: A Message From Transport Canada

Please come three days before flight

United Airline

Leading Private Jet Charter Operators

Flying with the airlines can be time consuming and risky proposition for businessmen as well as for the people of wealth. If you absolutely, positively has to get somewhere fast your confidence in a system that is full, uncomfortable, and if not, when you fly with the airlines. What are your options? Rent or lease a private jet. The following list provides some of the leading private jet charter operator in the U.S.

Atlantic Aviation FlightServices

Automotive Air Charter

Avjet Corporation

Business Jet Services

Clay Lacy Aviation

Delta AirElite

Aviation Elite

Executive Jet Mgt

First Flight Management LLC

Flight Works


Jet Aviation

Key Air

One million air

New World Aviation

Petersen Aviation

Priest Aviation


Regal Aviation

Richmor Aviation

TAG Aviation


Trans-Exec Air Service

One similarity with each of the operators is that they fly large cabin. This group is defined by - but not limited to - the following types of aircraft:

Gulfstream 450 and 550

Boeing Business Jet

Canadair Challenger 604

Bombardier Global Express, 800

Falcon 2000

In any case, you get the security of two well-trained FAA licensed pilots and you can opt for a corporate flight attendant toCabin offer services and security together. These are no King Airs, Lears and Westwinds, you will fly. Many rent for $ 7000 per hour, but if you're talking about closing on a merger or acquisition in the morning in Dallas and will be back in her office in Boston in the afternoon, is the price irrelevant.

There are also several operations, which are to allow a portion of a jet purchase. No, you not only get a wing, but - much like a timeshare - you get to a usePrivate jet operated by one of the providers. Chief among these specialized providers are:



Flight Options


A third possibility is one of the private jet aircraft brokers who are close to arrange the trip for you. Chief among these types of providers are:


Gold Jets


Marquis Jet


All in all, private flying, where it's at. If you live in the vicinity of New York, can flywas convenient Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and land on the Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles. By avoiding Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark airports you save precious time and land in LA who can unmoved bear a price tag on that set?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Palma De Mallorca-Köln/Bonn with Air Berlin (Part 2)

Here Part 2 of the flight to Cologne Bonn AB9649 SEAT: 1A REGISTRATION:? OLD paint WEATHER: OK COLOGNE PALMA Neblig Enjoy! Would I look over clerks and reviews!

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Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Music video by Jeff Buckley Hallelujah conduct. (C) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swissair Flight 111 accident --

Swissair Flight 111 accident --


(2 / 4) Delta Air Lines Flight 191

Invisible Killer

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Air Crash Flight AAL587 (4 / 5)

2 months after 9 / 11 of an airplane takes on a routine flight to New York but within seconds the aircraft was torn apart in trouble then. Within seconds it plunges toward Earth, and beat at once quiet suburb. 265 people are dead!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Vol de l'Aéroport international Montréal / Trudeau Aéroport International à La Romana Casa de Campo

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Anna Kendrick Account for New Moon, Twilight & Up in the air.

Chuck the Movieguy interviews Anna Kendrick on American Airlines flight for the movie "Up in the Air Jessica talk about her role in Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse as well. Closed Captions coming soon.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

(4 / 5) Philippine Airlines Flight 434 (Bomb on Board)

Bomb on board ...

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Advantages of comparing Airlines

If you are any distance places, you can travel experience of flying fast, easy and without risk. Travel cottages give you a lot of stress. Make sure that you have the latest information available when it comes to something like airline comparison airline or have evaluations. But remember that each airline is not the same.

Comfort are the most important, what do you think when it comes to flight service. It is the easy thing to buy a ticket and fly airlineswithout knowing the terms and conditions. Many people believe that the airlines choose to fly them interchangeably, but nothing about the truth. You have to take some time to talk about the accommodations and the changes that can help you to know a decision on the choice of an airline. Also make sure that you have many better ways to make comparisons about the comforts like seating and space services in order to have when you fly.

If youInto account airline comparisons, you will also hear about the views in the cabin environment. While it is true that you have the same space as everyone else in your class, you'll find that making things much more easily able to stand by to make sure you have a good cabin environment. If your flight attendants will pamper you with courtesy and respect? Take into account your needs and make sure that your questions will be answered in time? You will notice that theSetting of your flight attendants can be a tolerable flight a great one.

Make sure you also consider food and beverage industry when it comes to airline reviews. For some airlines, a bag of peanuts, which you will see a five-hour flight, while for others it is a cause for a full meal out. You'll find that by ensuring that your food and beverage needs to be treated, which is your flight a lot more pleasant, it will take time to make sure that you know what to expect. If the airlinequestioned about the provision of good for dietary restrictions that you have?

The key to ensure that you have a pleasant flight problem is to find all the information you need. You will find that the more information you have, the better to get rid of, we find an instance of the airline comparisons, you need to make.

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American Airlines Crash: 12 November 2001

It seems there are not many comments to the AA crash of November 2001, when it was ruled an accident disappeared, but an attack on the media no longer reports and history. The following years have been the safest year in airline industry history. What happens if the terrorists had to fly an Airbus instead of a simple and reliable Boeing aircraft during 9-11? Maybe they fall off the tail, and crash it had failed on the way to its destination and the attack would be. MaybeAirbus wants U.S. airlines, more of its airplanes to buy fall apart in the air and that their contribution to U.S. anti-terrorism policy will be? In my humble opinion, that Airbus which crashed was a flying chunk junk anyway.

We need better standards for new commercial aircraft, made of composite materials, because we are now more than we know in advance about this new, modern materials. We know more composites and their life cycles and airworthiness. We know more about their durabilityRelated to the strength over time, and after years of UV radiation, heat expansion and contraction, fatigue and sheer power. Go read the book Airframe by Michael Creighton. It seems that this episode in American Air Disasters story is a chapter that we do not have to watch to bear.

They are thinking it, Chicago O Hare catastrophe with the DC-10 engines did not take should not be subject to aircraft and aircraft are born with defects that should keep aircraft carriers and pylonsLaying performance engines, the wings. These pylons and engine attachments should never be so rigid as to break at the first sign of wind shear, adverse yaw at low speeds or wake turbulence. When is American Airlines, thinks that she has reviewed all of its planes and that they are ok, they fly on drugs, testing the only way is to put a lateral force on each vertical stabilizer with a similarly dominant pressure per square inch than intended by the turbulence caused by KLM747 freighter to ninety second interval with full flaps and full for a fourteen hours non-stop flight got out and require enough lift loaded to the aircraft out of the way of the NIMBY informant for airport noise abatement.

Airports make noise deal with it. If you wish to international trade, you will be more noise from aircraft using less attention, have to get it. If you ask those aircraft to do a maximum gradient, which slows the aircraft on departure thenDo not take from another plane with a fast closing speed directly behind them in a three-minute interval, which may soon be 90 seconds or less. And certainly not allow a pilot to the controls in the most sensitive time in each flight Ruck, V-2-5000 AGL. And for Pete's sake make sure the technology of yesterday against the knowledge of today. We know, composite material is not the end all for weight loss and strength. We now know more about these things than ever before. It isTime to all military aircraft also possible to verify fatigue and disruptions in flight.

It was a 747, which lost a tail a few years ago and it took 27 minutes to bring to crash, but that we have, meaning there were several planes land safely after losing a vertical fin. A real team not experienced with the two-axis autopilot for take off and actually had his hands on the controls would have had a much better chance of feeling the plane from its location in relation to theShift in weight, loss of control, the loss of two of the three hydraulic systems and be able to fly the plane with minimal use of axial differential on each engine of the airplane and straighten and hold the airspeed. No body needs, to this day.

It is high time that all Airbus aircraft with composite tails for strength by testing for the tail side to an appropriate PSI. Only then can you guarantee a situation not be repeated. The aircraft that is built, and has outlived its usefulnessused structural integrity of manufactured miss one or additional hole in an integral part of the aircraft component accidentally drilled into question should not be allowed; scrap build other tail. We have dealt with performance and strict engineering principles through the natural laws of Mother Nature who could really give a damn what you do forward. If you threaten to deny or to those of known amounts, visit Murphy visit more frequently than originally expected. Shameto Airbus, AMR shame, shame on the pilots, shame on us, we are so stupid to believe that the characteristics are not those of the flight, AMR or manage construction of the aircraft at Airbus? Can they arbitrarily decide on the money and profits over the truth of the flight characteristics that apply to a maximum time speed and distance also allow the natural laws with respect to the truth and knowledge in the whole world know, like gravity, weight, thrust and lift? In these threedimensional plane with the name of the Earth, we have opportunities, they do not change, why do we accept? This crash was not as if the original Comet, which due to circumstances not yet known, has died, such as harmonics, none of the crash was caused by the negligence of AMR management and share short-term rate of return on the safety and consumer expectations. Some industry analysts say that Airbus are construction workers for the laziest Union in the world to sell, especially at the government-subsidized airlines.

The aircraftinvolved in this crash was an old Eastern Airlines plane that was probably not too stable anyway back to the lack of maintenance, if the airline was falling apart. Three pilots are sitting in a cockpit, which make far more than the average living standard and negates the reason they are paid so highly. She would not have near the KLM, as the commander should have moved from the problem, and if the problems do not occur should the first airplane flew.

CompositePreventive maintenance has been debated for years, and an article I entitled to help save from May 1999 in Aviation Maintenance, Sharing Solutions to Composite Repair Questions understand some people, that this accident was avoidable. Also in the article was a reference to CACRCs leaders;

ISBN # 0-7680-0020-3, Order # AE-27.

After the crash, they all O'Hare DC-10 pilots through the same scenario, survived half of it in the simulator, so that American Airlines flight and crashwas entirely avoidable. How often do we have to allow an airline with a wealth of political influence to get that stuff? How quickly we forget. Think about it.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

(1 / 4) South African Airways Flight 295

fanning the flames

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Air New Zealand Boeing 747 400 demographics of Los Angeles

Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 Striptease from Los Angeles. Flight time: 9.32 Clock Date: 18 December 2009 Class of Service: Economy

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To find evidence Cheap Tickets On The Net

OK, so you are planning to go for an international trip, and as if your neighbor you will take the aerial route. Before you sit in front of your PC to find the best prices, it would be helpful to have to pay a little knowledge about the way international tariffs. Her neighbor had said that tickets for international flights at discounted prices were available and they had to search only for the same.

The prices for all major internationalAirlines are set by the IATA. This organization, which comprises the majority of international carriers, to set the prices of tickets and the same are a bit on the higher side. The rules and regulations of IATA forbid their members to offer any kind of discounts for the end user in the prescribed fares. How to get the discounted prices?

It is known that all flights that do not fly at full capacity. To solve this problem IATA allows its members to selltheir excess tickets at discounted rates for large businesses. The airline that gets rid of the burden of selling seats. In general, the company will not need al the tickets delivered to them.

What happens behind the scenes is that these companies sell their surplus tickets, agents, and these in turn pass on the benefits to you. These agents may well be the travel agent in your area mall, or those you can find in your searches on the net. YesYou guessed it. These funds exist around the world and you could also see travel to the city. Who knows, they might very well offer a better discount for your return flight. Remember, these discounts may vary from 10% to a proud 70%.

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The best airlines I fly to the U.S.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest U.S. airline in Atlanta, Georgia, which is an extensive national and international networking activities. Delta offers flights from London Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin and Shannon to its main hubs at New York JFK, Cincinnati and Atlanta.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Continental Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the U.S.
The airline flies to Newark and Houstonall major UK airports including London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast and Shannon.

Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson's Virgin airline operates long haul flights between the UK and North America from their home base in London Heathrow. The airline has bases in London includes smaller Gatwick and Manchester Airport. Virgin flights to the USA Newark International Airport, New York JFK, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Boston,Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

American Airlines

As the largest U.S. airline is Honored AA in Fort Worth, Texas, adjacent to the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport on. American flies from London, Manchester and Dublin to Boston, New York JFK, Chicago, Raleigh / Durham, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles planned.

British Airways

The British airline offers a large number of international flights toUnited States from Britain. The Airlines is one of the preferred carrier from London to New York JFK, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Orlando flights, Los Angeles and many more. British Airways also offers flights to Canada, including the international airports in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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Hawaii - Oahu Ultralight Flights - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you really Oahu then the best way to not want to see, is from heaven! There's nothing like seeing the coast of Hawaii from a hang glider to. You can fly directly over the water and see hidden places, along the beach or you can get some sea animals, while you are there. You will be able to see amazing rock and feel freer than ever before.

The ultralight flights in Oahu are sometimes trikes and there are several companies you're outside. UltralightFlights are safer than hang gliding, because they have a motor on it. There are two seats and a teacher comes to teach you how to fly. Will not only learn how to fly an ultralight, but you also get a fantastic view of Hawaii forever remembered by your leave.

One might think that a lesson is in your travel ultralight less pleasant, but that's the case. The coach will guide you and give you just as much control asThey are comfortable with. Then you have to be able to relax a little and look on Oahu and enjoy this beautiful place. It's one thing to attend a helicopter tour and see the area from above, but there is a whole different feeling when you fly over the land and water with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

Take a look at the different providers of Oahu Ultralight tours and courses. You will have fun, learn something new, and memories that will last forever. IfThey have never done anything like this before go ahead and take the opportunity because you really enjoy it and see Oahu as never before.

This is a website that contains information about the U.S. summer vacation and Unique Travel Spots Listed State by State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots can, and are found at the following URL:

By Robert W. Benjamin

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Air Crash Flight AAL587 (5 / 5)

2 months after 9 / 11 of an airplane takes on a routine flight to New York but within seconds the aircraft was torn apart in trouble then. Within seconds it plunges toward Earth, and beat at once quiet suburb. 265 people are dead!

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Flights and Travel

For many families, vacations are not just something that fits into the budget. Are overwhelmed by having busy life and being, holiday into the background taken many lives, but it does not have to be so. There are travel discounts can you find that you are traveling, that fit your budget can take, so you can take a relaxing vacation with the family.

For many people are flights, which is the most expensive part of the journey.There are ways to cheap flights that fit your budget. One possibility is to look for travel discounts for travel on certain days. Many times, if you or leave you need to on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, can you find a lower price than on other days will receive a trip. Check out the prices of the other airports in the car accessible to you, because the prices can vary greatly from airport to airport. Online websites can be a great source for finding cheap flights,because there are a variety of Web sites that want your business. The research is to be taken in the search for the travel discounts, allowing you to travel that allows you necessarily have always dreamed of.

Ground transportation can make more money total on vacation. No matter which way you choose to stay when you have achieved your goal, there are ways to save money. Car rentals are easy to find travel discounts, but be sure you check all details, such asInsurance, roadside assistance, etc., before you sign the contract. Campers can also be rented, what can you save money on accommodation. Buses are a good option if you do not have public transport, however, because they are cheap to ride. Trains, subways, ferries and other options for ground transportation. Check online to see when you travel discounts can be found on these types of ground transportation.

Once you arrive at your destination, you have to find aplace to sleep. Extended Stay Hotels are an option if you plan to stay a week or longer. Other options include condos, home exchanges, timeshares and hostels. Look online to see when you travel discounts on one of the following options can be found, so you can enjoy the cheap holiday that you have always dreamed of.

The best place to hunt for travel discounts through membership in organizations such as AAA, AARP, and much more. If you are a member of these organizations,then you will want to see if they offer a travel discounts. Entertainment books are sold by children in many communities, you will save money. Military, police, fire, discounts, and teachers may want something that note, if you work in one of these areas because it can take the road to travel. Take your time looking for travel discounts, so you can afford that vacation that you wanted and have for a long time is required.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Minneapolis / St. Paul to St. Louis - FSX Flight The first "Flight" video after many requests for a video of this format. Minneapolis St. Paul to St. Louis - FSX Flight under Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules created using assets from Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.

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