Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cheap Fares

There is always excitement to go for vacations no matter far or near. There are plenty of exotic places to go around. One has to decide which one is the best and fits the budget. When we are talking about budget we normally think of flying the airlines or on routes that have cheap fares. Because higher airfares can kill the excitement if you factor in other things like hotel stay, food, shopping and sightseeing.

To get low airfares on any destinations, one has to keep in mind the seasons. There are generally there seasons as per airline industry and these are low, shoulder and high season. If you are planning to travel during high summer season when colleges and schools are closed and people go for long vacations, the airfares are usually higher than non-peak seasons. However, with little efforts one can still get cheap fares to any destinations.

Calling airlines directly often helps as they may have occasional promotions going on. Even traditional travel agents are still very helpful to work out on any itinerary and can offer your real good travel deals. Checking both with the airlines and travel agents can help you to figure out what is the going price range during the time you want to fly.

There are consolidators who too are large travel agents and have bulk contract with the airlines. Their long time affiliations with the airlines get the best price airline tickets. The carriers sell excess itinerary to consolidators, offering commissions of as much as 30 percent in exchange for agreeing to sell a large volume of tickets. Consolidators in turn offer cheap fares, the cheaper-than-published fare tickets by rebating part of these commissions to the consumer. Airlines still monitor as to how many seats they sell through consolidators. Many of these consolidators work through sub-agents and retail travel agents, who make money by adding their own commission to the sales price.

These cheap fares consolidator's tickets do not reflect the full price on the tickets. They are often more liberal than published fare coach class tickets, requiring sometimes no advance purchase and no Saturday-night stay. Trips usually can last up to 90 days. But these tickets come with restrictions and are often non-refundable.

Cheap Fares

Cheap Air Tickets


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