Tuesday, September 29, 2009

US Air Flight 1549 Cockpit To Ground Audio: 'We're Going to Be in the Hudson'

The FAA has released the audio tapes and transcripts of radio communications between Flight 1549, the U.S. Airways jet that crash-landed in the Hudson River on Jan. 15, and the various controllers in the area on the afternoon of the accident. The tapes are dramatic, one from moment to moment because of the flight announcements of the time, suffered a double bird strike at the time, slipped without engine power directly to the cool surface of the Hudson River ...


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Direct Flights to Miami - How to Save Money

Miami, with its beautiful beaches, friendly locals exciting, and the world famous restaurant offers many exciting attractions. No matter what your interests - water sports, sunbathing or nightlife, this city never sleeps - yes, Miami sizzling attractions to lure everyone. At the world famous South Beach, there are hip nightclubs, while the sun is at the Miami Beach Haulover Park warm and lazy. For children there is a zoo. The city is known for its many direct flights boundMiami. If you opt for some attractive deals, the air, find the cheapest flights to Miami, then the Internet is the best place to find what you want.

• Online purchase is the best way to save money on direct flights to Miami. When you begin your search, you must first compare prices on various websites offering air tickets.

• In fact, even before the visit to various travel sites, check the website of the airline. CommonAirlines offer discounts for customers buying online tickets for the direct flight to Miami.

• If you are traveling any special needs, you should avoid the peak season or on weekends. January to April is high season in Miami. If you avoid this month and on the weekends and plan your travel during the season, you have better chances of cheap flights to Miami.

• During the online booking, should the cost of booking fees and taxes apply. Normally the journey --Web sites to lure customers by advertising only the basic price.

• Buying tickets in advance is always more economical. If you plan early and buy tickets, you can create a lot of money

Due to the current economic crisis, many people believe that air travel is no longer affordable. However, if you do thorough research online and compare offers from different websites, you can certainly a good deal for direct flights to Miami.

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