Thursday, March 22, 2012

regain Flight

Homeland protection has mandated that beginning mid-January, 2009, airline carriers gain highly definite facts of a personal nature for those traveling its aircraft, regardless of whether you're traveling domestic or internationally. It is not yet known which carriers will begin this process initially, with other carriers to follow. All carriers to have this protocol in place by June of 2009.

What this means to you. When securing your own airline tickets you'll want to be sure to provide your full name as it appears on government-issued Id you'll be showing at Tsa checkpoints at the airport (i.e. Passport, driver's license, etc). This includes letting the airline know that you have a middle initial--your airline label should reflect your middle initial. If you use an whole middle name, you'll want to spell that out, too. You will also need to provide your date of birth and gender so that you will march smoothly through security. If anything doesn't match up or is missing, you'll be detained and maybe miss or be denied boarding your flight.

In addition, if someone has a "redress number", it should be included when purchasing the ticket. A "redress number" is given to individuals who mistakenly appear on No Fly Lists. By providing a redress number, the government will be aware that you are not on a suspected terrorist list.

regain Flight

In summary, the purpose of gain Flight is so that those individuals traveling who are not suspected terrorists enabling the government to check "No Fly Lists" will sail through protection in a flat fashion.

regain Flight


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