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Eindhoven - The Budget Flight Terminal That Can!

Anyone that has ever flown on a spending budget airline in Europe has inevitably encountered the crappy, small-time airports that most of these cheap airlines fly via. You know the ones: they're named for a significant city but, in reality, are located a minimum of 40 kilometers from that city and are basically little shell warehouses with completely zero facilities.

Spending budget airports are never enjoyable

Most of these airports started out as just little, private or limited airstrips that had been aggrandized with the arrival of mega-commercial airlines like Ryanair, searching to capitalize on the almost non-existent fees for use of such airports. Along with the practice has become basically standard nowadays, with nearly every European city of any size offering some sort of "alternative" airport some distance away.

Eindhoven - The Budget Flight Terminal That Can!

The problem with most spending budget airports is that they're located miles from any sensible amount of civilization and, worse yet, are usually devoid of fundamental things like restaurants, bars or entertainments of any sort, which indicates that if you're stuck there for a layover of any length at all, you will be bored to tears.

Eindhoven Airport can be a breath of fresh air

Not the case with Eindhoven Airport. This small Dutch beauty is about probably the most perfect spending budget airport I can imagine, with its airy, clean check-in area (complete with coffee bar, sandwich stand, many shops along with a huge tourist data desk) and teensy terminal stocked with a nice small bar and comfy seats. What's far more, at only 7 km from Eindhoven city center, it is possible to be drinking a delicious beer or enjoying the delights of Dutch modern architecture within minutes.

Eindhoven's super speedy (and green) public transit system makes acquiring into town no dilemma. Bus number 401 departs from a stop just south of the terminal building (turn correct as you exit). Tickets are offered with precise change (coins only) from machines on board the bus, or alternately you are able to obtain a ticket from either machines or a extremely friendly ticket agent situated at the stop itself. A day ticket costs a mere €3!

Slick and clean - Eindhoven's check-in area

It's not often feasible to chose your point of transfer when traveling on budget airlines. The nice factor about Eindhoven Airport is that it does service several major airlines, meaning it's possible to book to ensure that you transfer here inside the event of a long layover. Airlines that offer service through Eindhoven include Wizz Air, Ryanair, CityJet, Transavia and Corendon.

Eindhoven - The Budget Flight Terminal That Can!

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