Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Get Cheap Airfares

I guess everyone wants to travel for a vacation at one time or the other, you know get away from it all. By it all, that could sometimes mean the kids and the neighbors! Anyway, when you make up your mind to travel, more often than not, it is by air and this could pose a problem. This problem I refer to is basically...budget. Of course, if you have a large budget, you could just pick up your phone at any time and call your travel agent to arrange a ticket for you but when you have to contend with a low budget like mine, you just have to get creative...very creative. The truth is, getting cheap airfares requires a degree of ingenuity.

My experience in this field is garnered from many years of trimming my budget to meet the demands of a much needed vacation and when the family is involved, the financial complications are far more. I have therefore, been able to devise some means of what I personally call below-the-radar methods of procuring cheap airfares. I will share them with you here.

i. Avoid High-Traffic Destinations During High-Traffic Periods: As you may well know, there are destinations which attract a great number of tourists or visitors...places like Florida. This is only natural and the fact is that people travel to these places mostly at certain times. If you wish to visit these places and yet have a small budget, then the best time to visit is the period when the traffic is low. Do your research to ascertain the visitor traffic throughout the year and you will easily find out when the traffic is at its lowest ebb. Who says you cannot enjoy those places when there are fewer people? Disneyland is hardly enjoyable at the peak period as the crowd is sometimes unbearable and the facilities under strain.

How to Get Cheap Airfares

ii. Travel When Most people are Avoiding Travelling: Okay, avoiding may not be the best word but then, I am sure you get the general idea. The fact is that people travel a lot during the winter to warmer climes, during the summer and spring to enjoy the weather as well as during holidays to take advantage of the free days. If you wish to grab yourself a chance of getting cheap airfares, make your travel move by within these periods.

iii. Avoid The Rush Days of The Week: Yes, there are rush days of the week. These include Mondays and Fridays which are the days when people particularly those in business travel. You had best avoid those two days as a lot of people tend to travel on Fridays and return on Monday mornings thus creating demand for tickets and you know what happens when there is high demand...

iv. Make Advance Plans: Try to put together you travel plans on time so as to enable you keep an eagle eye on the prices and pounce at the right time. Personally, this last bit is the most important!

How to Get Cheap Airfares

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