Friday, March 2, 2012

Islamabad Airport staff selling PIA seat to passengers

This is a video of my recent experience at Islamabad airport, Pakistan. I travelled on a standby seat and was told by PIA that get to the airport as there are plenty seats available. But once at the airport all standby ticket holders were asked to sit to one side and wait. while waiting we were approached by airport staff asking for anything upto £200 & £300 pounds if we required a seat. Some paid but i refused and was laughed at and was told well you can sit there all day as there are no seats. I then came used my camera and videoed staff taking money of passengers and the video was presented to a PIA manager who amazingly located a seat on the plane (Yes he was very angry but had very little to say). On getting on the plane i walked the length of the plane to find empty seats and asked the cabin crew if we had a full flight, guess what, I was told it wasn't a full flight. This is the RUBBISH joint service PIA and the Islamabad airport staff offer their passengers. May Allah SWT protect our country from these blood sucking leeches, Ameen

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