Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Role of a Flight Attendant

The words 'flight attendant' brings to my mind a very clear image of what I expect: the commerce has developed a very clear and defined role which is commonly met over the board. This record will seek to figure from personal contact what the role of a flight attendant is, how it varies and what makes a 'good' flight attendant.

The reputation of an airline will make or break it. The most certain role of cabin crew is to be well presented, be expert and make a good impression on travellers to encourage them to use the same airline in the future. I've seen first hand how true this is: people who contact bad buyer assistance from flight attendants change their airline - easy as.

Further to this, attendants are responsible for the safety, ease and wellbeing of their passengers. 'Back in the day' they had to be trained nurses in case of an emergency although that's not true nowadays. Still though they must be able to cope with emergency procedures whatever they may be. While air tour is very safe way to tour nowadays, there is still the possible for problems which all staff onboard need to be able to cope with.

The Role of a Flight Attendant

Ensuring the ease of passengers is extended to being the main point of contact in the middle of the traveller and the airline during the flight. Passengers, of course, can't get up and go and talk to the pilot but they can speak directly to the cabin crew, which is considerable to developing trust and mutual respect.

The role of supervisor is another key responsibility of theirs. Airplanes comprise a number of very different people in a confined space which must be kept in a comfortable, orderly and standard state.

There is of course, in increasing to the aforementioned roles, the necessity of mundane duties such as checking tickets, giving out flight information, helping with carry-on luggage, using in-flight entertainment, etc.

I hope this record has given a quick but strict view of the roles and responsibilities of a flight attendant for whatever interested in the challenging their occupation in that direction or researching their own role for expert development. After talking with a number of other busy travellers I'm assured my points are fair things to commonly expect from cabin crew and 'industry standards' of the role. What is clear is that there's much more to it than "the exits are here, here and here" and there's more to it than the cult first-rate 'Airplane' might suggest...

The Role of a Flight Attendant


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