Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Cheap Suzuki Jimny is Just the Ticket

I have to say that when I was first introduced to the Suzuki Jimny, I was curious as to where the rest of it had gone. I'm no stranger to 4x4s, but a compact model is such a rarity that it's genuinely unusual to see one done well. And well done the Jimny is, with a rather pleasing profile and the subtle assurance of powerful performance that might well give other SUVs a challenge to live up to. Indeed the Jimny has already achieved the High Altitude World Record, so when you bring that kind of prestige down to street level who knows where you'll find yourself?

The only disappointment in the Jimny is that it's often touted as a car 'for the Big City'. Unless you're the kind of insufferable person who sits around sipping flavoured lattes whilst braying into your mobile about the latest company acquisition whilst your gleaming, barely used 4x4 sits forlornly in some parking space, the city is not the home of any SUV. Certainly it's nice to visit, and even cars bigger than the Jimny have no problem navigating busy streets, but to get the best performance from your 4x4 vehicle you really have to remember what it was made for.

A 4x4 that's never even had the opportunity to tackle a rough road, let alone tough terrain, is like a rose that has never seen the sun. If a car could be wistful you would find an air of deep melancholy about the poor abused SUV models that are doomed to sit in the shade until their owner moves on to the next driving trend. Even if you just address the odd country lane the Jimny will thank you for it.

A Cheap Suzuki Jimny is Just the Ticket

A cheap Suzuki Jimny is a passport to a driving experience that's pretty much unsurpassed. Just remember to use it wisely!

A Cheap Suzuki Jimny is Just the Ticket

L Riley thinks that there's nothing better than a cheap Suzuki for encouraging adventure


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