Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a chosen airline by travelers for several reasons. It offers travelers a network of 89 destinations all over Asia, Europe, North America and South West Pacific and Asia. There are several direct flights and if not so then there are easy interchanges available.

There are several flyer benefits that one can notch up whilst flying Singapore airlines. Singapore airlines fly to several places in Asia such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong Kong, Manila and Jakarta to name a few.

On the long haul flights to London, San Francisco, Sydney, Munich, Los Angeles and Houston. Singapore airlines operate passenger services to 65 cities colse to the world in 35 countries. Passengers who have traveled by Singapore airlines have loved the cabin milieu that it provides. As soon as you enter the aircraft of Singapore airlines you are overtaken by the refreshingly calm and soothing milieu that sets you right in the holiday mood or for a company meeting. The seats are comfortable and the cabin crew warm and friendly. There is kind amount of leg room for you to stretch and not feel cramped on the journey. The seat pitch for cheaper class is 32 inches and for company class seats at 40 inches. This is quite a bit of ergonomically designed seating so as to ensure that the seats are made to fit the contours of your body nothing else but and the flexible hand rests allow you withhold and flexibility. The cushion did in leather gives you the luxuriant and comfortable feel along with the comfortable storing space for hand luggage.

Singapore Airlines

Most of the aircraft operated are the latest and therein offer the passenger the best of traveling experience. The cabin crew at Singapore airlines come from diverse cultures and speak several dissimilar languages to make the passengers feel comfortable at all times. They are cordial and pro with the right training under their belt to take on any kind of situation. They help the passengers to unwind and furnish the most relaxing and ideal of assistance miles above the ground. They are there to help the passengers in all respects and ensure that the multi-lingual quality makes them connect with one and all on board. The cabin crew will help you with the luggage, connecting flights, rejoinder your questions and queries and in short be there throughout the flight to make the flight a marvelous taste for the passenger.

Also, the in-flight dining and entertainment is an taste by itself. The menu comprises of the right mix of oriental and western fare which is exquisite to suit several dissimilar tastes and palettes. There is an emphasis on the local cuisine which many passengers love to taste during their journey. In case of any extra dietary requirements that is taken care of at Singapore airlines.

There is a loyalty agenda that one can share in and redeem often flyer miles to notch up more trip by Singapore airlines.

Singapore Airlines


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