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Global Report 11-November-2008 Sudanese President lashes out at France The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir lashed out at Western countries and accused them of trying to topple his regime during the last 20 years. France, the UK and the USA were particularly targeted. Al-Bashir told his people not to worry about a pending arrest warrant against him by the International Criminal Court (ICC). It contains three counts of genocide, five of crimes against humanity and two of murder. "Money and ruling is not in the hands of US, France & UK. They are all underneath my shoes" he said angrily. The strong statements by Al-Bashir may signal his frustration with his envoys failure to convince these countries to suspend the ICC move against him. Fuel shortage leaves Gaza in dark Gaza has gone in the dark yesterday evening due to the industrial fuel shortage. This fuel is supplied to the only power plant in Gaza by the Israeli side through Nahl Oz fuel crossing point. This has led to a drop in power plant operational capacity by 40 percent and produce only 25 -30 MW of the 85 -120 MW Obama to reverse several bush directives There's a lot that the new president elect can do using his executive authority to review, revert, repeal or amend. Bush administrations policies on stem cell research, climate change and birth control have raised enough storms in the past. Mr. Obamas speeches related to the above mentioned issues have generated hopes. During the campaign Mr Obama indicated that we ...

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cockpit Video of Blue Angels Flight. Beautiful Footage

Blue Angels footage mixed with some classical Americana music (the Flowers of Edinburgh), perfect for the Annapolis setting. If you don't like the music, don't watch the rest of the video... or at Ride of a lifetime over the USNA on 22 May 07. One of the most fun things I have ever done. Unbelievable experience. "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angels" "Blue Angles"

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Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem (1977)

Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem (1977)

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Packing Carry-On Luggage - How to Pack a Carry-On Suitcase

Shoes should be placed in the bottom of the suitcase in shoe bags if you have them. If not, and they are not clean, use any type of plastic bag, one per shoe, so as you can separate each shoe and have more room on the bottom. Before putting them in the bag, put belts, socks, phone chargers, etc. inside the shoes and the shoe bags.

Take your curling iron, hair blower, and any odd size items and place between the individual shoe bags. Fit them nice and snug.

Underwear, swimsuits and pajama's can also be placed around the shoes and before the folded items. You can fold the pajama's and put in with the soft items.

Heavy items of clothing, such as jean, sweatshirts, jackets, and sweaters, should go next. You want to make two individual sides and a well defined middle of the suitcase.

Fold the jeans, pants, capri's, shorts, etc. Fold them in half with waist meeting bottom of legs then fold in half again. Place the fold to the front of the suitcase. Remember to put heavy items on the bottom, building the stack of pants by the weight of the pant.

Fold shirts, sweaters, tops, jackets, etc... Lay your shirts on a flat surface, face down, and fold sleeves to middle back, bottom to neckline, neckline to fold line, fold to front of suitcase. Remember to place heavy items on bottom and soft items on top.

Next place very fine clothing, including linen, velvets, and satins. These tend to shift or wrinkle in travel, so after carefully folding the items as directed, use tissue paper to individually wrap the item.

Now, if you have odds and ends, place in between the stacks and in the middle of the two rows of your nicely folded clothes. Use large zip lock bags for all of your hair products, tooth paste, body care and facial products. This is just in case the air pressure from the plane would cause them to leak out and make a mess on your other items. Place this in the zipper portion of your carryon.

For more how-to guides and pictures, visit

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Boeing 737-300 Sama Airlines Flight from Riyadh to Jeddah Part 1-3

Sama airline flight from cockpit, departing King Khalid airpot Riyadh to King AbdullAziz airport Jeddah

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Applying For an Infant Passport

Traveling with an infant brings unique challenges for first time parents. Car seats, diaper bags, changes of clothing and more become part of the new travel routine. Along with all of the standard baby gear, there may be one more thing to consider bringing along: an infant passport.

Passports are becoming increasingly important. Most borders cannot be crossed today without a passport, even the Mexican and Canadian borders. Infants are not exempt from this requirement. You cannot add an infant to a U.S. passport. Every citizen, including babies, must have his or her own passport. Anyone trying to cross a border with an infant who doesn't have a passport may be regarded with suspicion. Carrying a passport for an infant when you travel is just as important as carrying your own.

New parents often wonder when they should apply for an infant passport. The best answer is: as soon as possible. Obtaining a passport for an infant should be considered routine, just as applying for a birth certificate is. Even if you don't have international travel plans in your immediate future, it's still a good idea to apply for one. It usually takes about six weeks to have your application processed. Those who want to expedite the process and receive a passport in about two weeks can pay an extra fee of $35. However, by simply applying for it early on you can avoid this fee. You'll also avoid the stress of trying to obtain a passport while busy making travel plans.

Infant passports are obtained in the same manner as a child or adult passport. Infant passport applications may be downloaded from various travel service providers and government agencies. You may also obtain one in person from your local post office or immigration office. Infant passport requirements include:

*Presentation of your baby's birth certificate. If your child was born outside the United States, you must present the child's Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship along with the birth certificate.

*Two official passport photos. They must be regulation size (2 inches by 2 inches) and should be taken by a professional photographer. Home-produced photographs are not accepted.

*The application fee, which is $40. Remember, it will cost an extra $35 if you need to obtain it faster than six weeks.

The baby need not appear in person to be granted a passport. However, the person applying for it must be able to vouch for the identity of the child and present his or her own identification. Infant passports are valid for five years.

Traveling aside, it's useful to obtain a passport for an infant for other reasons. It is often the only form of official picture ID that a baby can obtain. Sometimes picture ID is required for registering for preschool or kindergarten, or may even be required for some domestic airline flights. Having official picture identification for your child is never a bad idea. Applying for it right from the beginning may save parents from unforeseen trouble down the road.

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport action with THY Turkish Airlines Welcome to Turkey's fabulous Istanbul International Airport, named after the patriot, founder and father of modern day Turkey, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. Istanbul straddles the Bosporus connecting Europe with Asia, and this city has been a centre of world commerce for two thousand years. Today, its bustling airport is one of the busiest and most interesting in the region. We join airline videographer Henry Tenby for a fascinating visit to this remarkably busy airport, where airlines from Middle East, Asia, Europe and the former Russian States mix company with Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines and their busy fleet. This double DVD set features over three hours on non-stop, heart-pounding airliner action, filmed along-side the active runway over a several day visit in September, 2005. Professionally filmed with broadcast cameras on film industry tripods, this DVD takes you up close to the action. In addition to Turkish Airlines' complete fleet from the BAe 146 to the A340, this DVD also features action footage of all the other Turkish airlines including Atlasjet, Fly Air, Inter Airlines, KTHY, MNG Cargo, Onur Air, World Focus as well as the two CL215 waterbombers operated by the City of Istanbul. Middle East carriers include Iraqi Airways' 737-200, Libyan Arab's A300, RAM, MEA, Saudia (777, 747-200 & A300 leased), Royal Jordanian, and the UAE Government (747SP aborted take-off and 737). Former Russian States are well represented with lots of Russian ...

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Weigh Your Luggage Conveniently Before You Travel

There are very few things less annoying than getting to the airport and finding out that you've got to pay an extra fee because your luggage is too heavy. And these days, with fuel prices being what they are, airlines are looking more than ever to make up for those extra expenses.

Of course when you're packing your luggage you really don't know how much you're packing, and we all know that our luggage is always twice as heavy on the way home (how does that happen?).

Obviously you need a solution to this problem and that solution could be something like the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale. Many find this as a great investment because it can save you tons of money on extra fees at the airport.

This is a handy little tool that's completely portable so that you can weigh your luggage well ahead of time either at home or at the hotel before you leave. Again, no more guessing work!

It's really simple to use actually. You just use the strong straps and wrap them safely around the handle of your luggage. It'll read luggage up to 100 pounds (or 44 kg. if you use those measurements). After you've lifted it'll beep, you simply set it back down and then check out the very clear and accurate digital display. It's really as simple as that.

Now a lot of the luggage scales are very complicated and inaccurate. The Balanzza Luggage Scale is neither. It's extremely accurate and instead of using ineffective hooks for lifting, it uses strong sturdy straps so that you don't have to worry about the luggage slipping off of the scale. That actually can be very dangerous if you're a heavy packer. I certainly wouldn't want any luggage that my wife packs to fall on my foot.

It switches with a click of a button between kilograms to pounds so you don't have to sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure out what the silly luggage really weighs. One click and your on the one that's right for you.

Listen, you certainly don't want to be getting to the airport only to have to pay a surprise fee for your luggage. For people who travel often on discount airlines, we know how finicky they've become about enforcing their luggage regulations. Luggage scales help keep you from having to pay extra money at check-in. Then again, at a time like this when fuel prices are sky high each and every airline is beginning to be very finicky.

It's silly to take a change when for less than a lunch out with a friend you can get a product like the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale and save yourself time and aggravation?

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Backpack Carry-On Rules For Airplanes

A backpack can be a helpful material for traveling by airplane but it should be noted that there are many different limits that can be used in terms of what type of backpack can be brought onto a plane. There are many backpack carry on rules to watch for when traveling on an airplane with a backpack. These rules deal with the number of bags that are going to be allowed for one user, the size of the bag and the maximum weight that is allowed for one of these bags.

It is important to watch for the size of the backpack when getting into a plane. There may not be enough space for people to store their backpacks into overhead compartments in certain types of airplanes. This is important to know because in some cases people will prefer to put their luggage into one of these compartments instead of having it sent into the luggage compartment of the plane and picking it up later at the luggage claim section of an airport. Also, there is only so much space that can be used underneath one's seat for storing a carry on. Using the smallest possible backpack will be important as a result.

Larger backpacks that are used for weekend trips or overnight trips will generally not be able to fit in some cases. A typical area underneath the seat on an airplane will only be able to handle a material that is about five inches in height on average. As a result it will be important to watch for the size of the backpack because it may need to be stored in the luggage claim section of the plane if there is not enough space for it on the plane.

It is important to know that when traveling with a backpack that only one backpack can be carried onto a plane at a time by an individual person. Different airliners will consider a backpack to be a personal item that can be carried onto a plane with ease.

The weight of the backpack and the materials that are inside of it is also important. The maximum weight that can be used for most carry-ons according to average airplane carry on rules is forty pounds. It can vary for international travel though. For instance, the maximum carry on weight for Air France is only twenty-six pounds. It helps to prepare one's backpack accordingly as a result.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spirit Airlines Terminator Ad

(5/18/2011) Spirit Airlines has released an ad targeted at the Schwarzenegger-Shriver breakup. | | http More videos:

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To Gid, as a farewell gift

So this week I have learnt a lot about how to record a song, edit a video (turns out I wasn't able to edit actual footage for some weird tech. reason, hence the slideshow-esque video) and posting things to youtube! I am not particularly good at any of these things, but I hope you like it Gid! When I first met him we were in the middle-fifth talking about girls, homework, and the dark lord of the Sith now over a decade later, he's still got it going on a life-long adventurer, I wrote him this song He's been to the south, the west, the east.....and now he steps forth with a grin on his face into the Great White North but before you exclaim and ask "alone will he dwell?" I answer nay, he travels safely to a girl named Danielle! Even though you'll be distant in your Canadian crib we'll be sure to come and visit, 'cos we can't really quib -ble with air fares or long flights when we love you so Vancouver house party? Thanks! Get my tickets and go! So let me deconstruct this song; my thoughts are Derridean we'll miss you most when you're far from the Prime Meridian as they say on Firefly "you're shiny" - shinier than obsidian so giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, Gideon! So I thought "I can spit rhymes, just like the hit rappers" it's just got to fit neatly and run as fast as the clappers but then I remembered I'm British, I sound far too well-spoken so this isn't proper gangsta, but more of a token... ...offering to you, Gid, from me, to wave you goodbye I wish I could come to the ...

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Egypt Attractions - Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Egypt

Egypt is located in North Africa and is among the top most tourist destinations of the world. No other country comes even closer to Egypt when it comes to the number of magnificent monuments, activities and historical attractions. More than ninety percent of all Egyptian attractions are lined up along the river Nile. Many places can therefore visited by taking a cruise in the Nile river (besides road and air travel). Since it is a popular tourist destination Egypt offers extensive facilities for tourists.

Top 10 attractions of Egypt are:

1. PYRAMIDS: There are more than 80 pyramids in Egypt which were built mostly between 2600 BC and 1500 BC and all are situated close to the Nile river. After the ruler died (or other prominent royal figures like queens), their bodies were wrapped and preserved as a mummy, and placed in the Pyramid. The most popular pyramids are the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the Pyramids at Giza over 80 years. Giza also has the largest pyramid also known as "Great Pyramid" which rises an amazing 481 feet.

2. CAIRO: It is the capital of Egypt. Popular attractions of Cairo include:

a) Khan al-Khalili market: Khan al-Khalili is one of the largest markets in the world which attracts both local's and international tourists. This is a great place to but exotic perfume bottles, Arabic clothing and other souvenirs.

b) Egyptian Museum of Antiquities: It have over hundred thousand artifacts in 107 halls. The most popular attraction is the Tutankhamun Gallery.

c) Other attractions are Pyramids of Giza (mentioned above) and Old Cairo.

3. ABU SIMBEL: It was carved out of sandstone cliffs high above the River Nile. The most famous attraction are the four colossal 20m-high statues of Ramses II guarding the entrance. When the waters of Lake Nasser to rise, UNESCO relocated them to a high ground between 1964 and 1968.

4.KARNAK TEMPLES: It is a huge complex comprising of three main temples and many smaller ones, most famous among them is the Temple of Amun. It is estimated that they were built in a time span of 1300 years.

5: LUXOR TEMPLE: The modern town of Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes,( or the city of a hundred gates). A row of sphinxes line the entrance to Karnak Temple. The most famous section of these temples is a huge all called the Great Hypostyle Hall.

6: SIWA OASIS: The area is famous for its dates and olives, and is one of the most beautiful landscapes and springs in Egypt. It was the most inaccessible oasis until recently. It lies 60 feed below sea level.

7: NUBIAN MUSEUM OF ASWAN: It is designed to house the fantastic collection items unearthed from the archaeological excavations during the Nubia Campaign.

8. VALLEY OF THE KINGS: The Valley of the Kings is located on the West Bank of the River Nile in Thebes. There are 62 tombs in the valley. It has two components - the East Valley and the West Valley. It is the East Valley which most tourists visit and in which most of the tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs can be found.

9: ALEXANDRIA: Best places to see are - Pompey's Pillar,Bibliotheca Alexandria, Alexandria National Museum, King Farouk Palace and the Roman Amphitheater.

10: SHARM EL SHEIKH: Best places to see are - Sinai Mountain, Na'ama Bay,Tiran Island, Terrazzina Beach and White Lagoon.

Other attractions of Egypt include the White Desert, Hurghada and Felucca on the Nile.

SAFETY INFORMATION: There were some terrorist bombings reported in Egypt in last few years. Check for additional information. Overall the crime rate in Egypt is low. Visitors should consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling. Egypt has high road fatalities rate so you should prefer not to drive yourself unless you feel comfortable.

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Tajikistan - Flight Dushanbe - Khorog

One of the most spectacular flight in the world. In the heart of Central Asia, overview ofPamirs and Hindu Kush mountains. A new destination for adventure and ecotourism.

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Volaris Airlines - A New Airline For Mexico

Mexico is getting a new airline and if the carrier meets all expectations it will go a long way in helping Mexican air traffic double over just the next three years. Volaris Airlines, started by Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Emilio Azcarraga, is expecting to take its first flight on March 13, 2006. Volaris may impact the airline industry well beyond Mexico especially if its aggressive expansion plans work out.

With the Mexican government in the process of divesting its interest in two airlines, Aero Mexico and Mexicana Airlines, start up carriers are poised to jump in and provide service as fares drop and demand surges. Up to now, the highly controlled Mexican airline industry has put a damper on customer demand as artificially high prices and a restricted market have kept customers away. Volaris Airlines, along with competing start up airline, Interjet, are expected to quickly reshape the Mexican airline industry beginning this year.

Volaris is planning to serve at least six Mexican cities and eventually provide service between Mexican and U.S. destinations. No word how all of this will impact wannabe start up Mexus Airlines, currently operating as a "paper carrier" with no concrete plans [or funding] to start flying.

Volaris plans on flying 16 A319 aircraft and has an option on 40 A320 aircraft. TACA International Airlines, based in El Salvador, will hold a minority stake in the airline. If all goes well with Volaris, expect the Mexican airline industry to go through a shake up similar to what the U.S. airline industry has experienced.

Source: Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2006

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

GTA San Andreas - Juank Air Parachute Service (outdated)

Check out new version: With this mod you can let you fly to a position, and jump out there with a parachute. Download at:

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Friday, December 16, 2011

First Choice Holidays: Flight Travelcast with Simon Calder

Simon Calder, the Independent's travel editor, looks at the improvements in First Choice Airways Premier class and the introduction of the new 787s. Find out more at

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Air Flights to Cape Town South Africa From Miami

There are only 3 main flights from Miami to Cape Town South Africa. These are The South African Airways, Delta Airlines and British Airways. There is no direct flight and all of the flights make 2 stops before getting to their destination.

Some of the cities these flights fly via include Washington, Johannesburg, New York, Baltimore and Johannesburg. With each stop you have to switch flights but this is normal for long flights.

The South Africa Airways

This flight to South Africa from Miami departs from Miami at 13:25 heading for Washington Dulles. It gets there at about 16:04. After about 90 minutes it takes off this time heading for Johannesburg where it arrives at 15:50 the following day.

It then lives Johannesburg at 17:40 and flies to its final destination, Cape Town. It gets there at 19:50. The air flight to South Africa from Miami is about 20 hours long.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines lives Miami at 06:00 and flies to Baltimore. It arrives there at 10:34 and takes off at 11:00 heading to New York, specifically to the JFK airport. It gets there at about 12:10 and takes off at 16:00 heading straight for Cape Town South Africa.

This flight is longer than the South African Airways i.e. it's a 23 hour flight.

British Airways

The British Airways departs from Miami at 20:50 and heads straight for London. It gets there the following day at 10:05. There is quite a long stretch of waiting here as the new flight that you are switched to only takes off at 17:50 and flies to Johannesburg.

It gets there at 06:35 on the second day. You are then switched to another flight i.e. the SA317, which lives Johannesburg at 09:00 and gets to Cape Town at 11:10. The total flight time is about 21 hours - better than using Delta Airlines.

In terms of prices for air flights to Cape Town South Africa from Miami, the South Africa Airways is cheaper.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011 Find Cheap Flights and Travel Deals

The best way to purchase these cheap airline tickets is to be the first to know when these airfare deals are available. FareCompare is the only consumer airfare shopping site to give shoppers up to a six-hour advance notice of airfare changes. FareCompare publishes airfare changes faster than any other flight search website, even before the airlines update their own websites.

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How To Grab Very Cheap International Flights

If you enjoy going on vacation and you're often wanting that you may be able to jump on a flight and go to any location of your choice in the world, you're probably all of the time in search of very cheap international flights. You can find lots of options to book a trip on a low budget and have a fantastic vacation. As a matter of fact, you also can find opportunities to book a trip for almost free, whenever you're able to spend some energy and time into exploring all of your choices and making the best of your resources.

Finding cheap air flight tickets can be a challenge all of the time. Hotels are ever more willing to give a discount and offer package bargains and specials in many cases. This is why you are able to find inexpensive options to stay overnight. Airfares however, are controlled by the airline carriers. There is commonly little room to get a discount when you're calling to book your flight. It is always wise not to call the airline directly to get the cheapest flight unless you could spend the extra money or you need a last minute flight depending on an emergency.

As an alternative, make the best of your resources. If you own a credit card that lets you to accumulate points, find out if you are able to cash them in for a free or very cheap airfare. I think, whenever you go with your credit card, why not get anything more out of it? You can find plenty of people who will never spend a single dime on an airfare because they make use of their credit card points and miles. If you dislike the way of credit card debt, you can ever consider to pay off everything in full every time you'll get your bill. You get to keep the miles or points and you don't carry a balance each month.

An additional valuable source that most people are able to use is the internet. There are cheap airfares on nearly all well-established travel sites. It would be a good starting point for you to find some sites that compare the flight prices for over 25 airlines flying all over the United States and often around the globe. It will give you what the cheapest price and the airline ticket to buy for your trip. However you should always compare prices from two or more travel sites before you put any money down. Still take your time and do some more research, because in many cases you will find another travel site that will offer it for a bit cheaper.

However, you should always have in mind that the price of a ticket you find on one site today might change when you come back to make a reservation the very next day. Whenever you found a good deal and you're comfortable with what the rate, make a reservation on the same day. If the rate you get today isn't too attracting, it's wise to wait a few days. It might arise or it might come back down. Finding very cheap international flights isn't ever a guarantee, however it could be more easygoing to find a cheap airfare when you do some more research.

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Getting a Cheap Plane Ticket for Your Next Flight

Have you ever wondered why the guy sitting next to you on the plane got his ticket so cheap? Is there a trick he knows that you don't? If you are a seasoned traveler then you may already know many of the tricks you can use to obtain discount ticket rates, but for those who are new to hunting down good ticket deals here are a couple of secrets you can use to your advantage.

Being flexible with your departure and return dates is the first rule for getting a cheap plane ticket. You will be surprised how much prices vary depending on the time of the month, day of the week, and even the time of the day. This is where using the internet comes in handy because it allows you to check prices for flights at different times of the week and day. By comparing fares, even with just one airline, you will be able to plan an itinerary that works for your travel plans and save money while doing so.

The second thing you need to do is to make sure you book your flight far enough in advance to take advantage of early booking discounts. If you wait until around two and a half weeks or less before booking your flight your chances of finding any sort of discount will decrease sharply because the airlines know at this point that people booking flights are willing to pay the premium price because they are usually last minute travelers with little flexibility in their travel plans.

If you take some time far enough in advance of your travel dates and do some comparison shopping there is a good chance you will save some money. In fact many airlines run early bird specials which can all but ensure that you will get that cheap plane ticket you have been looking for.

Another route to finding discount plane tickets is contacting the airlines directly. Many people simply do not do this which is to bad because the airlines do run un-advertised specials that can only be had by calling them and talking to a customer service agent. You may also be able to get a discount on your flight by signing up for an airlines frequent flier mileage program, but you have to ask if this is an option.

The nice thing about calling the actual airline's customer service center is their willingness to do business with you. The competition within the industry is fierce and you will often find them willing to try and get you the best deal they can within the current specials and programs they offer to get your business.

If you are serious about getting a cheap plane ticket the next time you fly then consider adding these tips and tricks to your arsenal of money saving strategies. It may take some time and patience but the end result may well be worth it.

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Important Information on South Africa Flights

Considering a trip to South Africa, whether it is for family vacation or not you have to find a few ways on how to cut the spending for the entire trip. A trip to South Africa means planning to visit places like Kruger National Park or the Cape Town.

If you are thinking on how to make a budget friendly trip, begin with booking a cheap airline flight to Africa so that the extra dollars put on your day tours of Johannesburg. Earlier bookings are recommended because South Africa is one of the most visited countries in Africa and cheap holiday packages come once in a while.

If you want to take one of the best price as well as a seat, it is best to book your flights not less than 8 weeks up-front. Cheap flights to Cape Town are on Tuesday or Wednesday. More Cape Town discount flights are in October when the winter starts for Cape Town. In case you make your booking well ahead of time, you may cut back on some dollars.

One more fact to consider is the season when you expect to fly. Airlines generally offer more discount airfares to South Africa during the week than over the weekends. Most people want to fly over weekends or on Friday or Monday for the weekend holidays or during the Christmas season which makes it rather expensive.

Think about making your reservation for an inexpensive flight from Europe. Chances are you'll be capable to save some funds by Johannesburg flights from Paris, Amsterdam, London or simply Rome. You might find that day time flights are cheaper than flights where you spend the night on the plane.

Get cheap air tickets by booking with local travel agents. There are chances are you'll be capable to save some cash by flying first through Ethiopia or just Kenya for East Africa flights. Compare the flight tickets to find which route is cheaper.

One more option would be to make use of popular Airliners. You'll find straight travel arrangements offered from airways including United Airlines, British Airways, Air France Delta, South African Airways and various other smaller airlines.

Discussing with a trustworthy travel agency or travel agent will even help put aside cash on the getaway to Africa. A wide range of travel and leisure packages are cheap yet they include Africa flights and tours to different tourist attractions.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to get to Azrou Morocco

Azrou is a middle Atlas Market town of at an Altitude of 1250M. Come and experience the hospitality and cultural ways of Azrou, a great base to explorer the remote middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Trek Berber trails, Fish 7 Lakes, Shoot Clays, take a workshop or just relax. Fez airport is 1¼ hours from Azrou we'll greet you there! By Air Direct 3¼ hours flight to Fez from London starting from £35 return. STOP PRESS! May 4th Ryanair start direct flights 3 days a week from London Stansted to Fez from £60 RETURN! We are based in Azrou 1¼ hours from Fez airport. (So book early for that great flight deal) The national airlines are Royal Air Maroc: flys from Gatwick and Heathrow and its low-cost carrier subsidiary Atlas Blue flys from Gatwick. The main International airports are Casablanca and Tangier. Other international airports include Rabat-Sale (RBA), Fez Sais (FEZ) and Marrakech (RAK). All are popular destinations and have connecting flights. Ryanair: fly direct to Fez from Europe: Girona (Barcelona) (GRO), Frankfurt (Hahn), Marseille Provence MP2, Alicante (ALC), Brussels(CRL), Milan (Bergamo)(BDY), and Seville (SVQ) direct to Fez Other airlines serving alternative Morocco airports include: Easyjet: Royal Air Marco: France: Netherlands: There are railway links from all Moroccan airports to Meknes See: Moroccan ...

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mexicana Airline Bankruptcy Hurts People Who Booked-Cancelled Flights And No Timely Refund Mexicana Airline is a deceitful and horrible company. STAY Away from this stinking, rotten business. They booked us for our trip and then filed BK and hung us out to dry. They lied to me about having the ability to make arrangement with other airlines and then inform me that my only option is a refund. Here's the kicker, refunds are issued in 90 to 120 days. How are we supposed to buy tickets with another airline when Mexicana won't return our money If you are a victim of these criminals, then watch this video to see how you can get your money back in 10 buiness days. Don't fall for their lies, book your next airline now if you have time and get your money back by charging back your credit card.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Discount Lexapro

BUY Lexapro online - $0.63 per item Discount Lexapro This page gives information about what is Lexapro antidepressant and when it can be used. Lexapro is available as tablets and as oral solution. Antidepressant Lexapro 10 mg Andres Gallo is associate professor of Economics...

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Deals on Plane Tickets

Plane tickets are nothing but a document made by either an airline authority or by a travel agent. While going in a particular flight, travelers need to carry some kind of document in a form of ticket in order to ensure the airplane authority that the concern traveler has purchased a place to seat on in their respective airplane. Apart for being consider as a document for purchasing seat, in the airport tickets are also used for getting boarding pass. Travelers are then allowed to board the aircraft along with his plane tickets and the boarding pass attached. Either on standby basis or with a confirmatory seat an airline can endorse the air tickets so that it may be accepted by other airlines.

Numerous travelers might not be aware of the fact that there could be various different rates in the airfare from New York to Las Vegas or to any other famous destinations. It is possible that for the air tickets a passenger sitting behind could have paid $100 more than you did or the passenger sitting next to you could have purchased seat with $50 less. With so much information available on the web, there are variations of different rates in the airfare. Travelers sometimes get confused on how to use such information correctly. Always remember your cheap airfare depend on when and from whom you buy. Airline department aims to sell each plane tickets at the highest price but at the same time they want all the seats to be filled.

You are wrong if you think getting discount airfare is as simple as calling your favorite airline or your travel agents and swapping over your credit card number. Your traveling excitement can get lowered if you discover your co passenger paid a third what you did while purchasing air tickets, getting the lowest airfare for your desired destination can be a absolutely frustrating.

To start with, online is the best place to get discount airfares you may come across with great deals, discount offers, and cheap rates for your tickets. Due to airline departments suffering from increasing price of fuel and huge financial losses encourages us to book plane tickets online rather than over the phone. The method is cheap for the airlines as well as for the travelers. Incase you decide to purchase your airline tickets over the phone from major airlines you need to give a booking fee while purchasing. Travel agents also charge a particular amount for their expertise and services. If done properly booking on-line tickets can be an easy and rewarding experience.

There are various traveling websites and travel agencies fail to compete with discount ticket sites. From airlines web sites you can get plane tickets by 2 different ways to search- flights by schedule or by fare. For lowest fare, select the option to search by fare. For getting plane tickets of your desire do some research work on the Internet, get an idea how much the fare for airline tickets will cost you. Browse two or three of the major booking engines that have received awards from computer magazines or well-known Web in order to get some sample fares for plane tickets. Enter your name, desired destination, date of flying and get list of cheapest rate going for the date you picked out.

You can get air tickets at cheap rates if you are more flexible. From whichever source you are using for booking tickets, check out whether you'll get a refund if your timing is off on the connections. Package deals offer charges on both plane tickets and your hotel room. If you don't have access to the Internet, travelers can call at toll-free numbers give them your date, time of travel and destinations, and speak with your travel agents or airline authorities directly for information regarding airfare. Payments are made by credit card over the phone and they will send you a confirm airline ticket or e-ticket. One major drawback with such traditional method is that you won't be able to compare various airplane rates or routes.

From a recent research done by the Travel Industry Association, over 60% of travelers purchase their tickets with less than 2 weeks notice. Last minute buyers are usually business travelers who are ready to pay much higher price for there Travel. Incase for short notice travel sign up on different airlines websites for last minute discount deals or alerts. You will have a better chance of finding good bargains if you start looking early. It is wise to book month earlier to save significantly. Buying ahead of time gets you cheap plane tickets.

Plane tickets including special fares on senior, military, government, students, companion fares and other promotions or specials. For such special tickets you cannot directly book online, you have to call your airline authorities or travel agent. Rather than doing online, travelers have to talk to someone if they have any voucher or previously unused ticket.

Most leisure travelers like to get away on weekends. Tuesday or Wednesday is perfect for purchasing air tickets when traffic is light and lowest fares are usually found in mid-week days. If you start your journey on Wednesday rather than Sunday, it may cost significantly less. Early morning or late night departure may also help. There are peak and off-peak periods at every destination prices in plane tickets tend to go lower during off-peak periods. Off seasons are mid-January through March and October through mid-December. Holidays should be avoided, but don't forget to ask for any holiday discount on your tickets. You may get holiday discount on your plane tickets.

Points to remember:

1. Save money on plane tickets by searching online.

2. Airline tickets are costlier during peak time or weekends, off-peak time and weekdays are cheaper.

3. For last minutes travel airplane authorities offer last-minute specials on your plane tickets

4. Air tickets can be purchased from airline representative or a travel agent.

5. Plane tickets with special fare offers- on senior, military, government, students, companion fares are not booked online; you need to call your airline authorities or travel agent.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Bumbling around and above the Bungles" Mcds4's photos around Purnululu National Park, Australia

Preview of Mcds4'sblog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Purnululu National Park, Australia Entry Title: "Bumbling around and above the Bungles" Entry: "Before we begin, we would like to say "thank you" to all those people who have let us know that they have enjoyed our blog. We love reading your comments and, yes, there has been an hiatus -- but that's all to do with us travelling remotely and having lots of wonderful experiences, just so we have something to blog about (!). So, on to the bit where we brag about our next fabulous, jealousy-inducing adventure; where we tell you all about our double dose of the Purnululu National Park -- by both air and ground [or flying and feeting, as we nicknamed it!] For Immi's 12th birthday treat, we bought tickets to fly over the Bungle Bungle Ranges. A change to the overall plan meant that the helicopter flight had to be replaced by a fixed-wing plane (helicopters only take three passengers and, hey ... there are four of us!). We were collected at the ridiculously early time of 5.15am and driven to the airport for a 6am flight. There were several reasons for taking the early flight -- better photographic light over the ranges, less thermal activity resulting in a smoother flight, and the early hour reduced the chance of motion sickness [some parts of the body were still asleep!]. Our flight left from Kununurra ...

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cheap Airline Tickets - Book Your Tickets In Advance

We often spend a major chunk of money while traveling by air. And, we have to spend huge cash from our vacation budget. Though, traveling by air is considered to be an expensive affair but we can save money with the help of cheap air tickets.

Foresight, Planning and prudence are very much required in getting cheap airline tickets. It has been seen that some people pay much less for the same service which they have availed while travelling. Availing a cheap air ticket is a matter of luck for most of the times, but if you plan your tickets in advance then you can get a good deal.

The air tickets depend upon the source from which you are buying. Now, if you buy it from a travel agent then you may get your tickets on comparatively cheaper rates, but you may have to pay a good commission on that service. On the other hand, you can save a significant amount of money if you buy the tickets online. You may get many cash back sites on the Internet, which will help you to get good percentage of cash back while shopping.

Moreover, the destination and the time also play a major role in getting a cheap air ticket. If you find any difficulty in availing a cheap airline ticket from your place, then try to get it from your nearby city. In addition to this, you can also opt for a connecting train or a flight to reach to your destination that could also help you to save a good amount of cash.

If you would follow some of these tips, then you can certainly avail cheap airline tickets

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Find Cheap Airline Tickets to Albania and Enjoy Your Stay There

Getting cheap airline tickets to Albania can become quite a task to accomplish for some people, but with the help of flight booking services, you are sure to find the best deals. Before you book your air tickets, here is a short guide to counter check your flight deals.

Albania is a small country located in the South Eastern part of Europe. Its more famous neighboring countries include Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Italy (although almost 45 mi. away). As of 2008, its resident count was 3,619,778.  Some of the famous tourist spots there include Acropolis in Durrës and Plaka, and the Byzantine designed churches. There are Albanian tour groups coming in almost every day. There are also visitors coming from nearby cities of Athens and Ohrid, Macedonia.

There is only one small airport in the country at the time of this writing, and that is the Tirana International Airport. This can also be referred to as 'Mother Theresa' International Airport or Rinas International Airport. It has airport parking facilities, both long-term and short-term. There is also an hourly bus ride to the center of Tirana from the airport, fare is just around $2. There is only one small passenger terminal but with the renovation on 2007, they had another bigger terminal.

Airline tickets to Albania can range from $375 up to ten thousand dollars depending on your preferred flight class, time of departure, duration of the travel and stopovers, assuming you are alone and coming from Los Angeles International Airport holding a one-way tax-excluded ticket. Economy premium class can range around $2,300, business class is around $4,400, and first class is around ten thousand US dollars.

Travel time can range from 14 hours up to around 30 hours. Layover time can range from 4 hours to 10 hours. There are direct flights but most of the trips would have 2 or more stopovers. Some of the stopovers would include another US state, Munich in Germany, Vienna and Athens. The price range varies within the week. Tuesdays to Friday nights, there are special deals with lower prices but during weekends until Monday the prices are slightly higher.

There are also buses, coach rides and ferries that can take you to Albania coming from the neighbor countries. Some airports near Albania include Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport in Greece, 80 mi. away from Fier, Albania; Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia; and Ohrid Airport in Macedonia. If you opt to travel through these airports, you can find coaches, rental cars, and boats that can be used to enter Albania. Coaches are usually from Istanbul, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tetovo, Macedonia; and Prishtina, Kosovo. Travel time for coaches can vary from 7 hours to 22 hours. Rental cars can enter from the neighboring countries also, just make sure your license is valid, there may also be some fees upon entering Albania.

Finding airline tickets to Albania that would suit your budget can really test your skills since the place is relatively new to the world's eye. But with proper patience, that elusive airline ticket would be yours at the right price.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

EPCOT Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USAavi

EPCOT Disney World, Florida: " It's The Small World After All......Small...Small World". Bon Voyage! Ex-airline pilot reveals how to get dirt cheap airline tickets for pennies on the dollar. Learn how to save up to $500 or more on your next flight. Amazing website operated by a real airline pilot and well-known travel industry insider (new)! Air Travel will always be expensive and people will always want to save big money on flights. Super conversions, almost unlimited article writing potential. Great product for new Internet Marketers. 75% Commission = over $20 US Per Sale. Shows how to travel all over the United States and have all your needs met for $20 a day including food, lodging, transportation and entertainment. Includes resources for earning money while camping so you can quit your day job and travel forever also. Travel diary specifically for the RVer, motorhomer, caravanner, travel trailer or camper. Includes a trip diary, daily journal, photo album, campsite journal, fuel consumption records, and much more. Can be used in metric, imperial, or a mixture of both. Software For Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Lodges & Inns And Campgrounds Worldwide. Step by step directions for becoming a ...

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

honolulu vacation packages - COMPARE enter your data just ONCE, and compare many vendors at the same time. You get better deals going DIRECTLY to the merchant's site, than to use a metasearch or price scraper! Travel to Hawaii honolulu packages vacation to hawaii vacations deals cheap Cheapest air fares Discount Travel Discounted Air Fares Budget Airfares Free cruise destination cheap tickets canada flights cruises vacation holiday package airline ticket travel adventure cheap flights airfares travel booking australia direct domestic directflights kayak mobissimo

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Southwest "Flight Attendant" .Get 2 FREE Air Tickets Here!

Click here to get your 2 FREE Air Tickets now!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Topflight - Oberammergau Passion Play - Unravel Travel TV

The Oberammergau Passion Play started in 1634, when Bavaria was ravaged by plague. The village elders of Oberammergau vowed that if their lives were spare that they would enact a play to give thanks to God. Miraculously this happened, and as a result, the Passion Play lives on to this present day. Topflight is delighted to offer you an unforgettable Passion Play holiday experience - with the programme having commenced on Saturday 15th May 2010 and continuing for 5 days a week until Sunday 3rd October 2910. This performance, which commemorates Christ's journey into Jerusalem, His death and resurrection - performed every 10 years by the villagers of Oberammergau in Bavaria in southern Germany, involves more than 2000 actors, musicians & stage technicians. For a short break with Topflight, you can opt for a 2 night Oberammergau package, which includes: - Return flights, Transfers, Hotel Accommodation, Tour Guide, Category A admission tickets to the Passion Play together with keepsake booklet, All meals With a selection of dates available, the 2 night package offers those without the time to extend your holiday a short break to experience this unique Passion Play. You can also choose to incorporate the Oberammergau Passion Play as part of a 7 night holiday to Austria or Italy. In addition to the Oberammergau package outlined above, you will also receive: - Excursions & guided tours with private air conditioned coaches - 5 nights accommodation in St Johann (Austria) or Lake ...

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Monday, December 5, 2011

GET CHEAP FLIGHTS TO THE USA ◄★★★CLICK This angry ex-travel agent will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the airline industry to show how you can obtain tickets at ridiculously low costs! Get access to the guide here

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"Excellence" of PIA

1st day- Friday 29th April- 11 PIA tickets were cancelled, me along with my family without our prior knowledge. Apparently the PIA staff had overbooked the plane. Basically 70+ customer tickets were re-sold including our tickets to other customers who had now paid high ticket prices due to the holiday season. The PIA booking service in Pakistan had now pocketed tons of money due to this scam, leaving the waiting customers who genuinely had purchased return tickets from the UK waiting for hours in Islamabad (Benazir Bhutto International Airport) without any flight to take them. The staff at PIA in Pakistan basically claimed either the plane was full, overbooked etc and ignored customers who asked for help ( the PIA staff were rude and bad mannered and constantly trying to scapegoat UK ticketing offices for selling out fake tickets) Also when 70+ customers went to the PIA ticket office after hours of conversation, they agreed to give them the next day flight to London with a connecting flight to Manchester the original destination, claiming that there was no direct flights on Saturday to Manchester. PIA allocated customers to hotels for the rest of the day for the flight the next day (the hotel provided had no proper air conditioning in the rooms, was dirty and had bad service). 2nd day- Saturday 30th April- All my family arrive at the airport. Apparently today PIA have confirmed 8 of our 11 tickets, leaving 3 of us on "request". Even though on Friday they had told us they ...

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Evergreen Airlines Boeing 747 Fire Plane Supertanker VLAT

Courtesy Evergreen International Aviation The Evergreen Supertanker showed impressive results during the US Forest Service administered grid tests earlier this year. From high, medium and low coverage levels, the Supertanker showed it provides quality, consistent retardant line construction. The cutting-edge aircraft proved it belongs on the front line, from the onset, to fight wildfire day and night. The uniformed pattern of the Supertanker drops, and its ability, in a single flight, for split loads at multiple coverage levels, gives agencies an incredibly versatile firefighting tool. The multi-role B747 Supertanker is the largest tanker aircraft available today. With a payload of more than 20000 gallons and a response time of 600 mph, it has more than eight times the drop capability and twice the speed of any other federal air tanker currently fighting fires. The Supertankers patented pressurized system has the capability to disperse product at high pressure for an overwhelming response, or disperse at the speed of falling rain in a single or several segmented drops. This pressurized system will also allow for drops at higher altitudes, creating a significant safety buffer and enabling the Supertanker to fight fires during the day and at night, when they are most vulnerable. It also offers a significant value for American taxpayers; saving homes, natural resources, and most importantly, lives. When employed properly, the Supertanker has the ...

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Cheap Airline Tickets - What Are the Best Sources and Tips on Finding Cheap Flight Tickets?

Are you are frequent traveller constantly in search of cheap airline tickets? You will be glad to know that by looking through the right sources and following certain useful tips you can find various cheap and low prices travel options.

Best sources

Some of the best sources of finding cheap airline tickets are listed below:

o Travel sites - There are a large number of travel sites which offer some great bargain deals on cheap airline tickets. Once you have done a search on the internet and compared various prices of different sites offering flights suiting your schedule you can book the lowest airfare through a safe and secure online transaction process.
o Airline Websites - Logging onto various low priced and standard airline websites as per your budget is also a very good way of finding cheap airline tickets as most airlines offer last minute bookings at nearly half of the original rates.
o Advertisements - If you are planning on a vacation and have flexible options there are various advertisements in the classifieds as well as travel magazines that offer packages including airfare at very good discounts.
o Registration - Reading reviews, blogs and registering with some sites or subscribing to various travel newsletters is also a good source of finding the latest offers on cheap airline tickets.

Useful Tips

The following tips come in very handy while trying to locate cheap airline tickets:

o Thorough online research - The internet is one of the best tools for finding cheap airline tickets and the more you make a research, there are better chances of finding cheap airfare.
o Competitive prices - The recent surge in travelling to international tourist destinations has created a tough competition among the airlines which in turn can get you cheap airfares. The option is to find out the travel service company that offers cheapest air ticket to your favourite destination.
o Last minute offers - Keeping updated of the last minute cheap airfare offers is also a great way to finding great deals as most airlines offer their last few seats at highly discounted rates which are sometimes 90% off on the original price.
o Off season rates - If you are ready to travel in the off seasons then you can save a lot of money by booking cheap flights which may be half of your usual expenditure on travel.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Airfare Seasonality reviews a year of airfares for domestic travel and travel to Europe. Tips include: * which day of the week to travel * how much extra you can expect to pay at different times of year * when to buy summer airfares

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kokila (2006) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie Subscribe: For More Entertainment; Kokila Full Movie, English Subtitle, Telugu Movie, Watch Online, SominalTv, SominalTvTheater, SominalTvTheaters

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Top 5 Ways to Save On Air Travel

Find out the top 5 tips for finding cheap flights with FareCompare.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

HOW TO SAVE HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY ON YOUR AIR TRAVEL ◄★★★CLICK This angry ex-travel agent will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the airline industry to show how you can obtain tickets at ridiculously low costs! Get access to the guide here

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"Holiday in Cambodia" Laurenandkris's photos around Siem Reap, Cambodia (tree cut in cambodia)

Preview of Laurenandkris'sblog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Siem Reap, Cambodia Entry Title: "Holiday in Cambodia" Entry: "Having taken it easy, maybe too easy, in Thailand, it was time to pick up our bags and do some real travelling time again. It was a difficult decision to make, staying in a perfect place with lovely people. I think the 'soon-to-expire' visa helped make our minds up, that and the fact that our minds were becoming slack without the daily challenges that travelling brings. Itchy travllers feet had also made an appearence so off we went. It seemed from all accounts that the easiest way to cross the border into Cambodia would be with one of those air-con bus packages that seemed to be advertised everywhere in the small fishing port of Trat, Thailand. Any other method would have been near impossible, as the whole community prospers from the selling of these tickets. When this happens you will soon find that local taxi and bus drivers become markedly unhelpful when you ask them to take you to the border. Sometimes its just best to go with the flow. We were supposed to be taken to a crossing at Poi-Pet on the Cambodian border. Unfortunately we were taken to some absolute nowhere's-ville and fleeced by the local tourist-office/border-guard syndicate. They had it fixed so that the border guards would not take our money for the visa ...

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheap Flights That Takes You Places

If you have been hunting around for discounted flights and are wondering from where to begin your search. Relax! The Internet is your source of power for swiftly discovering cheap flights and package deals that suits your needs and comfort. You no longer need to travel to a local travel agent to book your airline tickets. You can now choose to go online and you will find loads of touring sites that offer discounted air travel.

You will come across various travel sites that solely offer you great prices on air travel lower than the discounted rates of the airline. As well as they arrange for your stay and local transportation once you get to your destination. These sites bargain a deal with the famous airlines and deluxe hotels around the world in order to provide the customer with the best price on all their domestic and international travel and lodging. At times most of the travel sites online buy tickets in bulk and then sell them to travelers in discounted prices

As you may come across many sites that offer you the best prices but in turn may turn out to be an illegitimate site. A good option would be to get all your bookings done from one genuine site. When you order all of your requirements from the same site you will not have to make multiple calls to get any issue solved. All that is required is patience as well as time to find the lowest and cheapest airfare on the net. The travel sites are open 24/7 giving you the chance of booking your cheap flights anytime.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AIRSHOW: Chippewa Valley, Part 3

Join Sitepro Video,, as we take a look behind the scenes at the 2008 Chippewa Valley Air Show, http This Documentary short covers the entire festival including elements that the general public typically never see. The story begins with the initial grounds setup by the Chippewa Valley Boyscouts Council,, and other area volunteers. As the week plays out as viewers get an in depth look at the shows operations, practice flights, community impact and overall fun that goes into building an air show. Interviews and action flight footage are featured from a variety of local and aerobatic pilot acts as well as the videos culmination with the highly visible United States Navy Blue Angels. Watch this three part series and learn about what goes into the highly successful show. Be sure to get your tickets soon as the 2010 Chippewa Valley Air Show is coming up this June 5th and 6th in Eau Claire Wisconsin.

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More Airports Using Paperless Boarding Passes

PlusMore Airports Using Paperless Boarding PassesMore Airports Using Paperless Boarding PassesThe Associated PressAir travelers whose cell phones get e-mail now have more airports where they can utilize paperless boarding passes for Continental Airlines flights. (May 28)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] ((Newark, NJ)) Get ready for "paperless" air travel. NATS: beep We're all use to e-tickets, but now Continental Airlines and the TSA are rolling out the electronic boarding pass at several airports across the country. ((Lara Uselding, Transportation Security Administration)) "TSA created the concept. Continental came up with the software behind this to ensure authenticity of the electronic boarding pass." Travelers appear to like the paperless option. "That's pretty wild." ((Robert Gower, Traveler)) "It's very convenient, you get it at home, and then you go right to the airport, I think it speeds the process up." Here's how it works: Using a computer or cell phone passengers "check in" electronically before a flight, by entering the confirmation code from an e-ticket. A boarding pass is then emailed to the passenger's cell phone. It has an encrypted bar code on it with the passenger's name and flight info. NATS: beepThen a TSA officer just scans the person in through security. ((Jared Miller, Continental Airlines)) "If you think about the business traveler, who may not have access to a printer or fax machine, they now can use that mobile phone or PDA, skip the counters and go straight ...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Business class Flights Tickets Airlines Travel is the Industry Leader for Discounted Business & First Class Tickets.Our Business Class Flights fares are generally 40-60% below retail prices.

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Domestic Airlines South Africa - How to Find Cheap Flights in South Africa

Here is what you have to do to save on domestic flights in South Africa:

Look at No Frills Domestic Airlines

In the past, almost all of South Africa's domestic flights were on South African Airways, the national carrier. It totally dominated the local market. And flying was for the few. Now there are at least three other airlines you need to look at when looking for low airfares - Mango, kulula, 1 time (one time). Any of these can get you to many destinations in South Africa, often at a discount. But still look at South African Airways since they have aggressively responded to the no frills airlines.

Go On Line to Find Domestic South African Airline Deals!

Make sure that you search online for the best local South African air fare deals. In the US, for example, the best way to find the lowest airfares is if you use an airline search engine that includes airline consolidator flights. In South Africa, you should definitely do this as well. And look out for the fares that surface from not only Mango, Kulula and One Time, but SAA and Comair too.

Travel On So. Africa's Airlines in Mid Day and Mid Week

The best airfares on airlines here are when you are willing to travel in the middle of the day, in the early morning or late at night. And sometimes on Saturday during the day. This is because most airline traffic is normally business traffic to and from Johannesburg and other major cities like Cape Town and Durban. By avoiding business traffic you increase your chances of finding great airfares since these plane seats would otherwise be empty, so the airlines discount them.

Use E Tickets To Save on Air Tickets -

Now airlines here charge for paper tickets. So go with the flow, avoid the airline fee for issuing paper tickets. Plus, one additional benefit is that you don't have to worry about losing your ticket.

Follow these tips. You'll save money and find the cheap tickets or flights in South Africa that you want.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Travel Plans & Packing Tips : How to Get Discount Disneyland Tickets

In order to get discounted Disneyland tickets, search the Internet and call Disney directly. Get discounted Disneyland tickets with tips from a travel agent in this free video on traveling and vacations. Expert: Russ Handler Contact: Bio: Russ Handler owns an online travel agency. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Easy Ways to Upgrade to Business Class From Economy Class

We all would love to spend less by purchasing an economy class ticket and get the benefits of executive or business class. This happens when the airline tickets are upgraded. It is not easy to get regular upgrade but yes if you are lucky enough then you can get an upgrade.

There are various airlines who upgrade your ticket by paying a small amount. Generally it happens when the air tickets of business class has not been fully sold. To occupy all the seats they upgrade your tickets. This is the easiest way to get an up gradation of your air ticket. If you compare the prices of business class ticket and an upgraded ticket then you will find huge difference.

Secondly, if you are a part of frequent Traveler program then you can get a chance to upgrade your air ticket. As different airlines give this facility to their premium customer to make their goodwill and boost up their business. If you are a regular Traveler of a particular airline then the probability of up gradation of tickets are higher at a zero cost. Another benefit of this program is frequent Traveler card, if you have this card you can upgrade your air ticket free of cost.

People also upgrade their ticket by purchasing it directly with the airline companies. They give priority to their direct customers. Try to check in as early as possible. If you check in early you have the higher chances of getting an up graded air ticket.

If you have boarded the flight ask the flight attendant to upgrade your ticket. Be polite enough and use the voice tricks which will help you to upgrade your airline ticket. If you are a regular Traveler then you ought to get the up gradation. The travel agents also get an up gradation on their ticket if they show their ID cards as they usually make lots of flight booking for the airline.

Try to buy air tickets in a flight which is full in economy class. The up gradation of ticket will be done easily. Also if your flight is big enough to accommodate more passengers then also chances are high. Apart from this if you know any employee of airline then he can help you to get an upgraded air ticket.

As you can see that if you follow above mentioned points then you can get an up graded seat without paying a single penny. But if you really want to enjoy the luxuries of first class then purchase a first class ticket or pay for an up graded air ticket.

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Cheap Airline Travel - Tickets at the Last Minute

If you are looking at traveling on the cheap, sometimes last minute travel deals are the solution to a wondrously low-cost vacation that you may be looking for. One of the most expensive parts of a quality vacation are the airline tickets to get you to your destination. When looking for cheap airline travel, tickets can be very hard to find if you're not looking in the right places. Here are a few tips to getting those cheap airline tickets so that you can travel in luxury on a budget.

As most people know that travel frequently, the earlier that you book a flight, the cheaper the airfare will be. This is not always the case, the most of the time you will find a very cost effective deal. On the other hand, if you try to book a flight the day before you want to leave, the airlines will charge you the highest price imaginable. In their minds, you need to fly somewhere and therefore you are going to pay for it.

The gray area for finding great last minute travel deals is found somewhere in between low-cost booking and exponentially high last minute ticket purchases. Although this is usually an accidental find, many airlines that are hurting for business will run special deals on tickets to various destinations in order to fill seats that would otherwise be empty. The mentality change is that they need the extra money and they have the extra seats. Therefore, they will slash prices at the very last minute for people who are lucky enough to find these deals.

For those seeking cheap airline travel, tickets will be at all-time lows using this particular system. The only thing that you need to be is extremely flexible on your travel dates and your travel destinations. This kind of a system for finding low-cost airfare is designed primarily for people that are retired or have nothing better to do than to travel around the world. In this sense, this is similar to courier flights, with the exception of having no responsibility except to yourself.

A good way to find these exceptional deals is to frequently surf the various web sites of your favorite airlines. Also, subscribe to their newsletters and allow them to send you last minute deals via e-mail. This way, because you will have your finger on the pulse of cheap airline travel, tickets to numerous destinations will open up at the lowest possible airfare rates.

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