Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Remain Healthy During Flights

There could be number of stressful situations when you travel by flights. Also there could be potential health problems as well as aggravation of existing conditions while being airborne. However you can prevent such problems by being prepared in advance.

Before you board a flight, you can keep the following points in mind. You must arrive early at the airport and avoid stress of rushing to the airport at the last minute. Most airports require walking for long distances so you need to be prepared for that, like wearing comfortable shoes etc. Save your breath by using free luggage trolleys to lug your baggage. Reduce nervousness by some light reading at the airport while you are waiting for the flight. Before the flight take a short walk to get your blood pumping to reduce chances of DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis). Combat dehydration by drinking lots of water.

You must take the following cautions. Do not fly soon after surgery. The change in atmospheric pressure may delay healing. Avoid travel if you have cold, flu or sinus infection, the cabin pressure may make the conditions worse. Part of staying healthy is to be insured for health problems and sickness while traveling, Get travel insurance to take care of expensive treatment while traveling. Keep all medications with you in your hand baggage as well as a copy of your medical history.

How to Remain Healthy During Flights

During the flight you can take the following measures:

1. Abstain from Caffeinated drinks or alcohol: They tend to add to the dehydration experienced inside air cabins.
2. Avoid a heavy meal before a flight as it will lead to an upset stomach because of immobility.
3. Every hour rise from your seat and move around for a couple of minutes. Immobility causes swollen feet, aching joints and muscles and even indigestion
4. Do mild exercise: Jiggle your legs up and down as if you are pedaling and avoid sitting cross-legged. Wear a pair of elastic support stockings to promote blood flow.
5. During take off and landing, it is good to suck or swallow sweets or hold your nose as it will equalize the pressure and prevent ear and sinus pain.
6. Danger to infection is high: Since in cabin air is not humid, the body becomes dehydrated. This along with drying out of protective mucosa of nose and mouth results in spreading of infections. Wearing a protective mask especially if you are low on immunity after a recent sickness is a good idea.
7. Travelers with history of motion sickness can avoid their motion sickness by taking anti- motion sickness pills before the flight takes off.
8. Keep all your medications ready with you in your hand baggage. Ask your doctor for more prescriptions in case of emergency. Do not leave behind any medication especially heart medicines.

Remaining healthy on flights must be your number one concern even if you are frequent flier or a rare traveler. Without these precautions, you are at the mercy of adverse circumstances and dangerous situations caused by health problems.

How to Remain Healthy During Flights

Flights need not be feared for causing health problems because with adequate measures and precautions you can be easily prepared to meet any eventuality.


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