Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flight Attendant Jobs: Who Is Hiring

The news for Us inheritance carriers continues to worsen. Northwest and Delta recently filed bankruptcy while some others are teetering toward insolvency. Looking employment with one of these carriers is difficult, particularly if you are seeking a work as a flight attendant. Still, there are jobs with some air carriers, if you know where to look. Let's take a look at some airlines that are likely to hire flight attendants over the next year or two.

The inheritance carriers, which comprise American, Delta, Northwest, United, Continental, and Usairways, are probably not good places to look for stable employment. Earlier in 2005, Continental was hiring flight attendants, but the job market for the inheritance carriers remains commonly bleak. United remains in bankruptcy and Usairways recently exited bankruptcy and merged with America West Airlines.

On the other hand, the following discount, charter, and regional carriers have all hired flight attendants recently or are planning to do so over the next year:

Flight Attendant Jobs: Who Is Hiring

* AirTran Airways

* Air Wisconsin Airlines

* Alaska Airlines/Horizon Airlines

* Champion Air

* Chautauqua Airlines

* Colgan Air

* Comair

* Eos Airlines

* Falcon Air Express

* Frontier Airlines

* Independence Airlines

* JetBlue Airways

* Maxjet Airlines

* Mesa Group

* Mesaba Airlines

* Miami Air

* North American Airlines

* Omni Air International

* Piedmont Airlines

* Pinnacle Airlines

* Shuttle America

* Skywest Airlines

* Southwest Airlines

* Spirit Airlines

* Transstates Airlines

* U.S. Airways

* Usa3000 Airlines

* United Express

* Virgin America [awaiting Faa approval to fly]

* World Airways

Job fairs are a beloved way for carriers to recruit, interview, and hire new employees. Check each company's website for detailed information about upcoming dates or visit an aviation job board such as the Aviation Employment Board for the newest job postings. Hiring plans can turn at any time, so make sure that the information you gather is verified directly by the air carrier.

Web sites dedicated toward providing more information about becoming a flight attendant are legion on the internet. Some of the best sites include:


Airline Flight Attendant Room Msn Group

If you are seeking a work as a hidden flight attendant, the Corporate Flight Attendant Community at http://www.corporateflyer.net is a full resource town gift informative articles, helpful links, training information, job listings, as well as an active message board: http://www.corporateflyer.net

Flight Attendant Jobs: Who Is Hiring


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