Sunday, August 21, 2011

FelAir Boeing 737-700: GQFM smooth landing Flight OK025 flight report log Date March 12 2010 Flight ID:OK025 Pilot:vranik4 Company:FelAir Aircraft:FelAir B737-700 (New Colors) Flight Date:March 12 2010 Departure:20h49 (21h49 GMT) Arrival:22h06 (23h06 GMT) From:GVFM - Francisco Mendes - Cape Verde Islands To:GQNN - Nouakchott - Mauritania Nbr of Passengers: 137 Report: Flight Distance:473 NmLanding Speed:110.93 kt Time Airborne:01h03:28Landing Touchdown:-33.1 ft/m (kiss) Flight Time (block):01h16:29Landing Pitch:6.98° Time On Ground:00h13:43Landing Weight:117896 lbs Average Speed:447.78 ktTotal Fuel Used:7401 lbs Max. Altitude:FL 390Fuel Not Used:5033 lbs Climb Time:00h19:37Climb Fuel Used:4121 lbs Cruise Time:00h28:47Cruise Fuel Used:2334 lbs Average Cruise Speed:524.09 kt (M0.85)Cruise fuel/hour:4865 lbs (calc) Descent Time:00h15:04Descent Fuel Used:945 lbs Passenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%) -Are pleased to have landed right on schedule. -Were in a better mood because they had food. -Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience. Financial Report: Ticket Income:+$36077(473 Nm) Cargo Income:+$7303(6113 lbs) Services Income:+$0(0 sandwich 0 hot food 0 drink) Services Cost:-$0(20% quality) Fuel Cost:-$4430(7401 lbs Jet-A1) Airport Taxes:-$169(Large Aircraft) Insurance Costs:-$1874(4.32% rate) Total Real Income:$36907 Total Income:$1845350 (real x50) Fleet Bonus:$0 (0 aircraft,1 grounded for maintenance) Total Sim Income:$1845350 (total income+fleet ...

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