Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Justin Bieber Love Story Ep. 50 pt. 1

YAY 50TH EPISODE!!! :) :) :) :) Onto the story Ms. Malette- Justin, Scooter's on the phone. Justin- Okay thanks *takes phone* Phone convo: Justin- Hey Scooter Scooter- Hi Justin, I got big news. Justin- Good big news?? Scooter- If you consider the Bahamas good big news, then yes. Justin- Can Charlie and Christian and Leslie come too? Scooter- *sighs* Okaay. Justin- Awesome. When are we going? Scooter- In two days. Justin- Private jet? Scooter- Sorry Justin, but we're going to have to go on a regular air plane. Justin- Oh that's okay. Scooter- There IS one more thing. The other passengers are going to be going to some high school's senior class trip...An all girls school. Justin- But aren't we in first class? Scooter- That's a good point. But I'm sure they'll be breaking down the door to see you. Justin- Oh well. See you in two days. Scooter- Kay see you then. Justin- Bye (End of convo) Christian- We are NOT watching that stupid chick flick. Charlie- Oh really? Well I am CERTAINLY not watching that creepy scary movie. Christian- Why don't we ask Justin? Charlie- Okay. Christian- Justin, Charlie wants to watch Letters to Juliette!!! I say we watch a Saw movie. Justin- I've got great news guys. Charlie- Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are getting back together??? Justin- Nope. We're all going to the Bahamas!! Christian- Awesome! Is Leslie coming?? Justin- Yeah. Charlie- That's great Justin! Christian- Now back to business. Letters to Juliette or Saw? Justin- How about an ...


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