Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tribute to Island Air

Here is a tribute to Island Air, I hope y'all Like it. :D Please subscribe if you want to see more, and add me as a friend too. I recommend Island Air to anyone who lives in Hawaii and wants to travel to the other islands. Aloha Airlines owned them at one time so fly them instead of go! If you want to purchase tickets please go to Thank you. I have flown Island Air to Molokai and it was a fun flight. I saw the wheel's hit the ground and I got a bird's eye view of the Ocean, I saw whales! I also got to sit wherever I wanted, I sat in the back next to my cousins. Please Watch in HD for better results. this was a Steele Production. I got these pictures from various sites but I don't own them, All credit goes to their rightful owners. I'm sorry if the Music does not match the video but, I couldn't find a good Hawaiian song to go with it.

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