Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Minute Travel's Obama McCain Elections Parody

LastMinuteTravel's Parody - Obama & McCain's sexier, funnier side of life - all for the sake of humor in celebration of Obama's Janurary 21st 2009 inauguration. US ELECTIONS 2008|THE NON-POLITICAL PARODY Last Minute Travel Club Re-written lyrics for "Yellow Rose of Texas" Theres a sweetheart in Alaska That I have got to see Nobody else could use her, Not half as much as me. She cried so when I picked her She chose her Country First Her shotgun will be handy Now that her bubble's burst Theres no other Barracuda That Alaska ever knew Her eyes are filled with passion, for pipeline revenue. You may well talk about Reform, You may well talk of Change But my Alaskan sweetheart No voters will estrange. When the politics are windy In Chicago tis of Thee She walks along the lake shores My sweetheart Hillary. I know she still thinks of me, I know I left a spark For once you go Obama You never will go back. Shes the toughest ex First Lady, that our country even knew I yearn for her experience, I wish I had in lieu I know it sounds ridiculous, I know it may seem strange You'll expect me to deliver, and all I got is change. If you should win, If I should lose Our touring will be done We may resort to travel, but not on Airforce One. Got tickets to Alaska, I got mine in advance. It's time for new adventures, or start a new romance. We don't agree on issues, We don't see eye to eye On porn, on prayer, on taxes Or that Iranian guy (hot, hot, hot) But eventhough, as well ...

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