Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dilated Peoples- Rapid Transit (feat Krondon) [20/20] 2006

Ladies and gentlemen!" "Dilated Peoples and all that" [Intro] (Ev-ery-where we-go-now) Pack your bags, we goin on a long trip man, guess what? We all (All a-round-the-world) Worldwide, Dilated Peoples, Strong Arm Steady, let's do it (All-the-people-know-now) Krondon, Phil the Agony, everybody around the world International, domestic, Chicago, Ohio, Seattle {*scratched: "Move through the city like rapid transit"*} [Rakaa Iriscience] (Ev-ery-where we-go-now) I'm dead serious You fuckin with "The Best Damn Rap Show Period" ... Go strong 'til I'm delirious On the international stage, like people here it is (Right here) From LAX Worldwide direct, all the flights connect Got the right to vote, and we'll elect And these labels can't stand us, but give us these checks (yeah) [Evidence] (Ev-ery-where we-go-now) Move through the city Got a crew and tools to use with me Cats got weak shit, come at me with a better line I don't respect rappers, I respect Kevin Federline (ha ha) Karma's good, judge slams the hammer Got 16 on deck like Joe Montana Blue states, red states, welcome us back Every city got a coat rack to hang my hat Evidence one person, hold the weight that many bring And I stand for something, so I don't fall for anything (f'real dawg) It's in the air tonight, don't ask who planned it It's Dilated ("Move through the city like rapid transit") {*DJ Babu: "Move through the city like rapid transit"*} [Chorus: Krondon] (Ev-ery-where we-go-now) We the rough, tough and dangerous ...

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