Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jemi Mini Story : Perfect To Me Part 4

Demi :* We wake up to someone at the door knocking hardly , Joe kisses my cheek and gets up I wrap the blanket around me tighter I here Shawdia come into the room * Shawdia : Oh I see you put her on the couch good one Joe put the dirt on the couch Demi : *I kept my eyes closed hopefully she would leave soon , Boy was I wrong she walked over and slapped me across the face shouting get up bitch, Joe caught her by the arm and pushed her out the door he walked over to me and picked me up and sat me on his lap he wiped my tears carefully and lifted my chin to expose my red cheek he pulled me to his chest and rubbed my bare legs soothingly * Joe : I'm so sorry D she is just a bitch I won't let her hurt you again I promise Demi : Its Ok Joe : Dem don't listen to her Demi : I'll try not to Joe : Come on Dems were going on our Honey Moon today Demi : Where are we going Joe : Rome Demi : Ah I always wanted to go there Joe :That's why I booked it Demi : Thank you thank you thank you *I wrapped my arms around his neck as his went around my waist , He stood up with my feet dangling in the air , He placed me back on the floor but my hands were still around his neck and his around my waist* Joe : Your Mom is gonna bring us some clothes then we can go shopping Demi : Ugh shopping Joe : Wow a girl who doesn't like shopping Demi : I can never find something that looks pretty on the hanger and on me Joe : D you could wear black sack and still look pretty Demi : Sure Joe : Your perfect to me ...

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