Monday, August 22, 2011

Domestic air facilities enhanced.28.08.2009-ITN News Sri Lanka

Domestic air facilities in the country further expand. There is a notable growth in the domestic air facilities sought by many persons with the dawn of peace. These activities are in place under the guidance of the Defence Secretary on the instructions of the President and with the mediation of the Air Force. Our Representative Madunika Karaputugala was at the Ratmalana Airport premises of the Sri Lanka Air Force. The passengers were awaiting their flight at the Airport. They are using this mode of travel due to its convenience. One passenger said he is traveling to Jaffna to inspect the market conditions. He is using the flight as he is confident of the discipline and the security of the Air Force. Another said he was taking wings to Jaffna to see his parents. It is for the first time that he is using the Air Force flight. Everyone is happy. The Air Force has opened an office of Helitours operated by the Air Force at the Katunayake International Airport. Any local or foreign passenger can enter this office and obtain tickets to anywhere in the country. This has been opened for the convenience of the civilians and they have operated 31 flights so far.

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