Monday, December 5, 2011

"Excellence" of PIA

1st day- Friday 29th April- 11 PIA tickets were cancelled, me along with my family without our prior knowledge. Apparently the PIA staff had overbooked the plane. Basically 70+ customer tickets were re-sold including our tickets to other customers who had now paid high ticket prices due to the holiday season. The PIA booking service in Pakistan had now pocketed tons of money due to this scam, leaving the waiting customers who genuinely had purchased return tickets from the UK waiting for hours in Islamabad (Benazir Bhutto International Airport) without any flight to take them. The staff at PIA in Pakistan basically claimed either the plane was full, overbooked etc and ignored customers who asked for help ( the PIA staff were rude and bad mannered and constantly trying to scapegoat UK ticketing offices for selling out fake tickets) Also when 70+ customers went to the PIA ticket office after hours of conversation, they agreed to give them the next day flight to London with a connecting flight to Manchester the original destination, claiming that there was no direct flights on Saturday to Manchester. PIA allocated customers to hotels for the rest of the day for the flight the next day (the hotel provided had no proper air conditioning in the rooms, was dirty and had bad service). 2nd day- Saturday 30th April- All my family arrive at the airport. Apparently today PIA have confirmed 8 of our 11 tickets, leaving 3 of us on "request". Even though on Friday they had told us they ...

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