Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Gid, as a farewell gift

So this week I have learnt a lot about how to record a song, edit a video (turns out I wasn't able to edit actual footage for some weird tech. reason, hence the slideshow-esque video) and posting things to youtube! I am not particularly good at any of these things, but I hope you like it Gid! When I first met him we were in the middle-fifth talking about girls, homework, and the dark lord of the Sith now over a decade later, he's still got it going on a life-long adventurer, I wrote him this song He's been to the south, the west, the east.....and now he steps forth with a grin on his face into the Great White North but before you exclaim and ask "alone will he dwell?" I answer nay, he travels safely to a girl named Danielle! Even though you'll be distant in your Canadian crib we'll be sure to come and visit, 'cos we can't really quib -ble with air fares or long flights when we love you so Vancouver house party? Thanks! Get my tickets and go! So let me deconstruct this song; my thoughts are Derridean we'll miss you most when you're far from the Prime Meridian as they say on Firefly "you're shiny" - shinier than obsidian so giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, Gideon! So I thought "I can spit rhymes, just like the hit rappers" it's just got to fit neatly and run as fast as the clappers but then I remembered I'm British, I sound far too well-spoken so this isn't proper gangsta, but more of a token... ...offering to you, Gid, from me, to wave you goodbye I wish I could come to the ...

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