Friday, December 16, 2011

Air Flights to Cape Town South Africa From Miami

There are only 3 main flights from Miami to Cape Town South Africa. These are The South African Airways, Delta Airlines and British Airways. There is no direct flight and all of the flights make 2 stops before getting to their destination.

Some of the cities these flights fly via include Washington, Johannesburg, New York, Baltimore and Johannesburg. With each stop you have to switch flights but this is normal for long flights.

The South Africa Airways

This flight to South Africa from Miami departs from Miami at 13:25 heading for Washington Dulles. It gets there at about 16:04. After about 90 minutes it takes off this time heading for Johannesburg where it arrives at 15:50 the following day.

It then lives Johannesburg at 17:40 and flies to its final destination, Cape Town. It gets there at 19:50. The air flight to South Africa from Miami is about 20 hours long.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines lives Miami at 06:00 and flies to Baltimore. It arrives there at 10:34 and takes off at 11:00 heading to New York, specifically to the JFK airport. It gets there at about 12:10 and takes off at 16:00 heading straight for Cape Town South Africa.

This flight is longer than the South African Airways i.e. it's a 23 hour flight.

British Airways

The British Airways departs from Miami at 20:50 and heads straight for London. It gets there the following day at 10:05. There is quite a long stretch of waiting here as the new flight that you are switched to only takes off at 17:50 and flies to Johannesburg.

It gets there at 06:35 on the second day. You are then switched to another flight i.e. the SA317, which lives Johannesburg at 09:00 and gets to Cape Town at 11:10. The total flight time is about 21 hours - better than using Delta Airlines.

In terms of prices for air flights to Cape Town South Africa from Miami, the South Africa Airways is cheaper.

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