Monday, November 28, 2011

Domestic Airlines South Africa - How to Find Cheap Flights in South Africa

Here is what you have to do to save on domestic flights in South Africa:

Look at No Frills Domestic Airlines

In the past, almost all of South Africa's domestic flights were on South African Airways, the national carrier. It totally dominated the local market. And flying was for the few. Now there are at least three other airlines you need to look at when looking for low airfares - Mango, kulula, 1 time (one time). Any of these can get you to many destinations in South Africa, often at a discount. But still look at South African Airways since they have aggressively responded to the no frills airlines.

Go On Line to Find Domestic South African Airline Deals!

Make sure that you search online for the best local South African air fare deals. In the US, for example, the best way to find the lowest airfares is if you use an airline search engine that includes airline consolidator flights. In South Africa, you should definitely do this as well. And look out for the fares that surface from not only Mango, Kulula and One Time, but SAA and Comair too.

Travel On So. Africa's Airlines in Mid Day and Mid Week

The best airfares on airlines here are when you are willing to travel in the middle of the day, in the early morning or late at night. And sometimes on Saturday during the day. This is because most airline traffic is normally business traffic to and from Johannesburg and other major cities like Cape Town and Durban. By avoiding business traffic you increase your chances of finding great airfares since these plane seats would otherwise be empty, so the airlines discount them.

Use E Tickets To Save on Air Tickets -

Now airlines here charge for paper tickets. So go with the flow, avoid the airline fee for issuing paper tickets. Plus, one additional benefit is that you don't have to worry about losing your ticket.

Follow these tips. You'll save money and find the cheap tickets or flights in South Africa that you want.

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