Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Airports Using Paperless Boarding Passes

PlusMore Airports Using Paperless Boarding PassesMore Airports Using Paperless Boarding PassesThe Associated PressAir travelers whose cell phones get e-mail now have more airports where they can utilize paperless boarding passes for Continental Airlines flights. (May 28)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] ((Newark, NJ)) Get ready for "paperless" air travel. NATS: beep We're all use to e-tickets, but now Continental Airlines and the TSA are rolling out the electronic boarding pass at several airports across the country. ((Lara Uselding, Transportation Security Administration)) "TSA created the concept. Continental came up with the software behind this to ensure authenticity of the electronic boarding pass." Travelers appear to like the paperless option. "That's pretty wild." ((Robert Gower, Traveler)) "It's very convenient, you get it at home, and then you go right to the airport, I think it speeds the process up." Here's how it works: Using a computer or cell phone passengers "check in" electronically before a flight, by entering the confirmation code from an e-ticket. A boarding pass is then emailed to the passenger's cell phone. It has an encrypted bar code on it with the passenger's name and flight info. NATS: beepThen a TSA officer just scans the person in through security. ((Jared Miller, Continental Airlines)) "If you think about the business traveler, who may not have access to a printer or fax machine, they now can use that mobile phone or PDA, skip the counters and go straight ...


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