Friday, February 17, 2012

Plan Your Travel and Strike a Smart Deal

Can travel be relaxing? Surely, rail travel is relaxing. As a matter of fact, a train journey is 'THE' most relaxing way to travel. We all have heard of, if not experienced car sickness, air sickness, and jet lag, swollen feet due to sitting for long hours traveling, etc. Have you heard of train sickness ever? Well, train and sickness have not been coined together yet!

A trip on the train gives you the freedom of space to relax, sleep, stretch and even stroll. But, to make your train trip worth it, you also have to be a smart in buying your ticket. Train tickets can be availed at cheaper price too, provided you know how to buy.

1. Planning and programming-plan your vacation and journey as much as 3 months in advance. You can always lay hands on a suitable deal if you make your reservations early.

Plan Your Travel and Strike a Smart Deal

2. A journey on weekends makes a cheaper deal. Many countries offer cheaper rates on weekends when office goers have a holiday.

3. A 2 way ticket where the to and from ticket can be booked together costs less. Since fares are subjected to change, it is always cheaper that you get hold of two cheap train tickets that making a single reservation for both going and coming.

4. There are man sites offering cheap tickets as much as 25 % discount. So keep the search active before settling on a single offer.

5. Children below 5 and child under 2 have different rules. A child may just need a half ticket and infants are not charged. Besides, there are discount fares for military personnel, students and senior citizens.

6. A travel during a peak season or the best climatic season of the country is always more expensive than an off-season trip. You can plan your journey carefully keeping the rush time in mind. Festival time and vacation period is always needs an extra effort to buy a cheap fare.

Keep these above points in mind for booking train tickets at cheaper costs.

Plan Your Travel and Strike a Smart Deal

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