Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dhaka - A Mega City of South Asia

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and is considered a mega city of South Asia. The city was known as Jahangir Nagar in the period of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The bustling city is the key attraction for all the travelers and tourists visiting Bangladesh for the first time in their life. Apart from that the city also falls among the most densely populated cities of the world. Thus enjoy a nice experience in the capital city of Bangladesh where you can see thousands of flights to Dhaka every week carrying lots of travelers and tourists who are always searching for the discounted tickets and reliable air traveling services.

Dhaka was the part of Eastern Pakistan once when the two parts Eastern and Western Pakistan were together. Being a very populated city of the world, you can find different races, cultures, and civilizations in this mega city. Having some of the tallest structures of South Asia and tallest skyline as well, Dhaka is the pretty well developed city and so many business deals and foreign investments can be seen internationally in this bustling city flights to Dhaka are not difficult to book if decision is taken in time and advance booking should be made.

As we already know that Bangladesh is considered among one of the most crowded countries in the world where millions of people are living in a small geographical area which you can see in real if you are on a visit to Dhaka with some discounted tickets for cheap Dhaka flights where you can observe crowded streets apart from the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in this capital city. You can feel the difference between the capital city and other cities of Bangladesh while traveling in the city center and all over Dhaka.

Dhaka - A Mega City of South Asia

You can avail the opportunity to fly with some reliable airlines offering discounted deals for flights to Dhaka throughout the year, and once you are in this country you can live in minimum of expenses as the cost of living in Bangladesh is amongst the lowest in the world. So don't waste an opportunity to explore Lalbagh Fort, the National Assembly Building, the Baitul Mukkaram Mosque, National museum, Savar smiti saudo, Shahid minar, national gardens, zoo & many other important places in this capital city.

Dhaka - A Mega City of South Asia

Last week I took my flights to Dhaka and found much suiting my interests.


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