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Getting to the Must-See Places in Australia on a Shoestring Budget

Australia has many must-see places, so why not make use of the time that you study in Australia to see more of this vast country?

Must See Places in Australia

Australia is an incredibly large and diverse country and while it's impossible to have a definitive and exhaustive list, these are just some of the more famous places that millions of tourists love to visit every year.

  • The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland -- the largest coral reef system in the world, is one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • Gold Coast, Queensland - a stepping stone away from rainforests and idyllic islands, the Gold Coast is a modern city with amazing beaches and canals.
  • Sydney Harbour, New South Wales - the most spectacular location for a city with the famous Oprah House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney has been built around a sparkling harbour which is filled with small coves and famous beaches like Bondi, Coogee, and Manly.
  • Blue Mountains - only a short drive away from Sydney and filled with magnificent sights.
  • Uluru, the Northern Territory - Ayers Rock is the world's largest monolith and a sacred aboriginal site. It is 9.4 kilometres in circumference, which means the average person one and a half hours to completely walk around it.
  • The Great Ocean Road, Victoria - known as one of the most scenic drives on earth, this 250 km road is only one hour's drive from Melbourne and passes through Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, the Otway National Park, and Campbell National Park with the Twelve Apostles, a collection of famous rocks jutting out of the sea.
  • Philip Island, Victoria - see the penguin parade and enjoy the great surfing, snorkelling and diving opportunities in this region.
  • The Kimberley Region, Western Australia - located in the northern part of Western Australia, the Kimberley region has a tropical climate with stunning landscapes. For an outback adventure, you can take cruises around the waterfalls, cliffs, numerous rivers and rainforests.
  • The Snowy Mountains - the tallest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko. Great terrain for skiing in winter and beautiful sights in the other seasons.
Travelling Cheap

Getting to the Must-See Places in Australia on a Shoestring Budget

1. Take a Cheap Flight

Australia has quite a few discount airlines offering very cheap interstate flights. While many Australian universities will have on-campus travel agencies, you can try signing up with travel agencies on the internet for alerts and book online as soon as you receive them.

2. Take a Train Ride

If you're not in a hurry, you can take an overnight train ride. Different rail companies provide services that run between specific cities or towns, and fares can be significantly cheaper than air tickets, especially if you're in economy class. Compared with a Melbourne to Sydney flight of one hour, an equivalent train journey will take around 12 hours.

3. Car Pool with Friends for a Road Trip

Car pooling is another great way of travelling interstate. Rent a car with friends and take a turn driving while you split the costs of petrol.

4. Interstate Buses

A number of companies run interstate bus routes. Australia is a large country, so like train trips, buses trips will take much longer than air travel, but are very cheap and convenient.

5. Take Your Bike

If you rent a car, it's easy to take your bikes with you. All you need is to fit a bike rack or rent a car with an existing rack and you'll be able to bike around instead of paying for transport once you hit your destination. Biking is also one of the best ways to actually connect with the physical environment.

6. Stay at Friends' Houses or Share Accommodation

Never pay for accommodation if you don't have to. If you must, travel with more people to split accommodation costs, use online comparison sites, and sign up online for discount hostel alerts.

7. Airport Shuttles

If you're flying, use the airport shuttle buses and trains. Most capitals have very cheap airport shuttle services that allow you to book online, so that once you arrive, you can quickly get to the city centre, and then on to your next destination.

Getting to the Must-See Places in Australia on a Shoestring Budget

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