Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have You Seen The New Travelers Insurance Commercial?

Travelers Insurance has a trio of commercials that are going viral on the web. They are great in concept and execution and we can expect them to receive numerous awards. These are outstanding examples of the art of advertising, especially the newest Travelers Insurance Commercial, the dog commercial.

The three commercials in the series are circulating on the web under the titles Travelers Insurance Dog Commercial, Travelers Insurance Watering Hole and Travelers Insurance Rattlesnake. All three commercials use animals behaving unusually to reach customers on the topic of risk. Risk is a turn off for many, and these commercials draw the viewer in, withholding the subject matter until the very end.

In Dog, a cute terrier is awoken from a nap by the sounds of his master returning home. The dog grabs his bone from his dish and hides it in the laundry basket. He later finds it on the sofa.

He takes it outside and buries it. That night he watches the pile of earth from a window, worrying that his bone will be discovered. He digs it up under cover of night, hops on a city bus and is at a bank when it opens in the morning.

He goes into a bank and puts the bone in a safety deposit box. That afternoon his sleep is troubled as he dreams about his bone being stolen. He wakes, runs through the city, grabs his bone, brings it home and returns it to the bone dish it was in when we started. A voice over tells us that, when it comes to things we value, we can trust Travelers.

The Watering Hole and the Rattlesnake commercials are good if not better. In the Watering Hole, the lion literally lays down with the lamb. And the zebra. It is a triumph of using computer generated animation in the service of a message. The same goes for the menacing rattler who turns out to have a baby rattle on the end of its tail.

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