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Skiing in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its adventure tourism and extreme sports and one of the most fun things you can do here in New Zealand is to ski. If you are a skier or even would like to try it out the slopes of the Coronet Peak or the Treble Cone in the South Island which are touted to be favourites amongst skiers. On the North Island you could visit the Turoa & Whakapapa or the Manganui.

Following are some tips for your next holiday for ski in New Zealand.

• Save money in advance as you will need to fund your airfare, food, internal travel and your accommodation. If you are planning to visit for a long time then you could also think of a working holiday which allows you to take up a job so that you can fund your expenses.
• A good idea is to book your air ticket at least a month is advance so that you can get a much better deal. Most airlines have great discounts and offers so if you are planning out your trip then keep an eye out for them. You could also get a great non-stop flight which is sometimes difficult. So book now!
• Make sure you have a passport that is valid for at least three months after the date of departure form New Zealand. This is important or they could reject your visa and that would be a complete joy kill.
• You cannot work on a regular tourist visa and requires a completely different application. You could consult with the New Zealand Embassy or Consulate when you go to apply for your visa. Apply in advance other wise you might miss the boat (or flight I might say).
• Make sure that you fly out to New Zealand at the beginning of the Ski Season so that you can start searching for a job soon enough and there will be a lot more vacancies than later. It is very difficult to find a job in a foreign country so it is best that you keep an open mind to many different possibilities. A neat trick is to work for the mountain where the slopes are situated. By this I mean the company that operates the slopes so that you a get free passes for the transportation up the mountain.
• Carry your skis and ski gear from home as you will find the ski equipment is not that cheap in New Zealand.
• Make sure you pack correctly. By this I mean carry the right clothing and the warmest of your woolies. The winters on the South Island where most of the skiing takes places can be a killer.
• If you are going to hire a car then make sure you have a valid New Zealand, Australian or an English International driver's license. You need to be 21 years at least and remember the Kiwis drive on the left.

Skiing in New Zealand

After this overview you could book your self a great trip to ski in New Zealand with New Zealand Travels at our website.

Skiing in New Zealand

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