Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Best Holiday Destinations in December

December is a great month for holidays because it's when most people take their annual holidays and also because of Christmas and the New Year. You can always make use of your extra miles and take a trip someplace exciting.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a winter holiday is skiing. If you're the one for skiing, ice-skating or snowboarding, then you ought to go to Colorado and do some winter activity.

Another place for you to visit in December is Dubai, an international metropolitan developing at a fast pace. Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy any activity you can come to think of. In Dubai you should visit the mall of Emirates, the Egyptian Wafi City Mall and also the new mall of Dubai, which is acclaimed as the largest in the world. Weather of Dubai in December is extremely pleasant and you are sure to enjoy your holiday whether you have activities or shopping in mind.

As Europe has cold weather in December, the choices are very limited if you are looking for outdoor activities during your holiday. However, there are some European cities that have great holiday celebrations and festivals on Christmas. Some of these places are Belgium, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Stockholm. These cities have very nicely decorated, vibrant and lively markets during the holidays and offer a lot of fun. You can shop around or just browse and check out the decorations for the holidays,

In Europe, there are also some places where there are great winter festivals. In Austria there is the Kaiserball, which is the most posh event of the year. There are also other winter festivals in Scotland and Turkey. You can also go to Russia for the Russian winter festival, which takes place in Pittsburgh.

If you want to have a little adventure, there are some places where you would find plenty of activity and a lot of adventure. You can visit the Mekong River in Laos, which gives you the opportunity to see a great variety of things including architecture of the post colonial era, mountains, forests, temples carved from wood and markets that are both colourful and vibrant.

There is also the Amazon, which is the world's largest basin, and also the largest tropical rainforest. It offers a retreat from the rest of the world and you can have a great time enjoying this wild retreat. The Swiss Alps are also a great opportunity for some adventure and you can travel in the Glacier Express that has a glass ceiling. The stunning views and clear skies are worth seeing.

If you want a beach holiday, you have the option of going to the Bahamas, Miami, Pheuket, Cape Town, Melbourne, Jamaica, Goa or Perth. Some other places that are likely to have great weather for outdoor activities are Myanmar, Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Philippines and Cuba.

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