Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reservation tickets and Guides Online

Here are the steps for booking a ticket online to be involved:

- On the route of flight

- Select the number of flight

- Entering data

- Payment

- Print tickets

Flight path.

Normally, the site will have a flight path to the table, both for domestic and foreign travel. Select a route to your destination, keep in mind that a direct Flight> is always preferable, but not always cheap. In addition to the path you have in the number of passengers traveling with you to fill, adults and children. For children younger than 23 months do not need an extra seat booked, as you can travel on the lap of his mother.

The choice of the number of the flight.

Once you decide on the road, all flights will fly on this day, the path is available to you, as a rule> Flights at the beginning and end of the day is more expensive, when business travelers tend to fly. If you decide to travel in time, there are ways in which class you fly, the options are typically Economy, Business and First Class, with the result of the most expensive.

The input data.

After selecting your ticket (s) and the price, then the next thing he asked to be filled, is a profile of the passenger lists. You must fill inThe profile with your name, sex, address and telephone number could be achieved. If there is more than a passenger, you must compile the data for those who are with the movement.


After completing your profile, biographical information will appear along with the booking code of the ticket and the amount to be paid. To process payments online, the most common method is by credit card. There are also methods of payment through the ATM. And if you do notthat you can record / print the results of the reservation and then pay to report to the airline ticket.

Print the tickets.

Once completed, the process of finding and buying airline tickets online, you can simply print the ticket or booking code all ready for check-in if the ticket-printing, you are all ready to leave for the airport and the flight.

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