Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its You Ep 5 Season 1 [Dem?]

*meanwhile* David: and well be back right after this break! *goes to commercials* Joe: *checks his phone wondering why Selena called him, and receives the text* *meanwhile* Demi: is he coming? Selena: I just text him hun Demi: I need him Sel Selena: you can talk to me about it Demi: *thinks about it then shakes her head* *meanwhile* Joe: *gets up and runs out the studio stopping a cab* the airport, and step on it [oooooo talk about cheesy, like a movie XD] *10 minutes later* Joe: *sitting in the car tapping impatiently on the window, sitting in a traffic jam. His management are organising him air travel tickets for the next flight back* *meanwhile* David: yes and erm. Hi everyone erm, im here with Nick and Kevin and erm *meanwhile* Joe: *trying to call Selena but no ones picking up, he calls Demi but again no one answers. He arrives at the airport, boarding the plane straight away, and tries calling Selena again* Selena: hello? Joe: Selena! Its Joe. Tell me what the hells going on? Selena: she wont speak to me Joe: *worried* well is she ok? Like— Selena: Ill come meet you at the airport in 40 minutes *40 minutes later* Joe: *driving back from the airport* is she crying? Did she hurt herself? Selena: Joe! Joe: *pauses* was it this announcement? Dallas? Selena: JOE! Joe: *opens his mouth to speak again* Selena: shut up.! *5 minutes later* Selena: *pulls up in the driveway* Joe: *doesnt even wait for the car to start, and jumps out running into the house* DEMI! Selena ...

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