Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preparation of a long flight

This 2-3 hour flight can be a challenge for some. The stretching, yawning, always obstinate and other mishaps can you fly very tiring. Although these flights can be, what a flight that lasts upwards of 18 hours? This requires precautions taken to ensure that they are tortured in your place. Sitting over a long period is bad for the circulation and can be very tired. And you should fly Cross-country visit friends or relatives to sit for such a long time often leads to a particular ... unpleasant odors. But rest assured, there are many tips that even the long flights is easier to manage.

Come prepared

Exercise! There are exercises developed that can sit in your chair. This will increase blood circulation. Learn to take advantage of this is the first flight, but some offer in-flight> Flight film performance. Show! With the latest magazines or books you like, is a way to overcome boredom. If you want music, you should bring your own set of headphones, such as low-cost airlines is often done / discomfort. Some flights offering AVOD (Audio Video On Demand), which will see a screen on the chair, whatever you want. Bring a toothbrush or anything else from those that are not liquid or gel at the end of the flight orneed to cool off before kissing his aunt on the cheek.

Learn from Mistake

If you have a fairly frequent flyer, you may notice things that could have led, as well as things you do not need to bring. This helps you perfect the art of flying, so to speak. You can not fly like something that you need to sound this practice, but everything gets easier with practice. There is no obvious reason why a flight of 20 hours can not be turned into a hard short and sweetThe closest source of entertainment!

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