Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still As Beautiful: Chapter 39, Part 1 [Read Description!]

I guarantee people are going to read this and be like, "um, what just happened" or say that they're confused. Which is completely fine, but re-read like one more time before you ask because I promise everything you need to know is THERE (or will be in part two). Also, don't forget, my last day of posting is Thursday but I will be on Friday if you guys have questions (which I have a feeling some of you will). Intro: LiveInLoveFanVidz Song: Still As Beautiful-On The Surface Twitter: There's something about a flashbulb that makes life seem deafening. It's pure echo in the hot wet air made it more burdensome for the group and more cautious for Nick and Miley as they walked into the airport. Photographers that followed behind them shouted their names as the group just looked down and smiled. It took everything in them to not look up and comment, to look up and crumble for the camera. Of course people inside stared. They had no other choice. If they didn't look now they'd only see it tomorrow, in the latest issue of People or OK! or maybe even Star. Dear lord, what would they say next? "Did you hear that Joe, they think we're dating" Miley just smiled. No one really understood why she was so nice to all of the paparazzi. They made a living off of the mistakes she made. They published them to magazines and gossip sites in all hopes of ruining her. They'd come so close, so many times. Too close, Nick thought. "We'd be hot, Miles" Joe joked, helping ...

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