Friday, January 27, 2012

Patna City

The fastest growing and the second largest city after Kolkata in eastern India is Patna. It is the capital city of Indian State Bihar. It has developed very fast and today become the centre of attractions to business. After Delhi the city has been ranked number two in growth by World Bank. Today there are many industries that have set up their operation here.

It has a humid subtropical climate. In east India it is one of the oldest major centers of learning. Patna University is first in the state. India's most richly endowed libraries are also housed here. It has a very rich culture and heritage. This city is the home of tourist attraction. Fine example of the Mauryansa art is Didarganj Yakshi and may be this is the most famous piece of art. It has many things that make it apart from rest of the tourist destinations in the eastern India. It has many historical sites to visit like museum is known for its collections of statues and oldest fossilized tree of the world. Close to the museum there is Golgher. Gandhi maiden is the heart of this place. Best time to visit here is during October to March. Chatta is very famous festival celebrated 6 days before Diwali in city. Other must see places are Mahavir mandir, Pather ki Masjid, zoo, Kumhrar and many more.

How to reach:-

By road-

By national highway 30, 31 & 19 connect city to the rest part of the country. One can be here by buses and cars. There are regular buses to this place from different destinations. You can book your tickets online and save your money.

By train-

It is conveniently connected to all the major cities through train. It is on the New Delhi- Howrah (Kolkata) railway. Long- distance trains arrive at from all the major cities. You can book your tickets online and save your money.

By air-

The best and the fastest way to be here is by air. It is well connected to Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Ranchi and Lucknow by flights. Domestic airport is in Patna known as Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport. There are daily flights from and to Kolkata and Mumbai. Airlines that operate here are Indian.

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