Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chemtraiis and commercial airlines-VIDEO DOCUMENT.m4v

On my way to London flying from Athens airport E. Veniselos my camera caught chemtrails coming from Easy Jet and some other commercial flights! Many commercial flights have very cheap tickets and it was a wonder to me how they manage to keep their companies alive. Well, there is the answer: by making us dead! This has to stop!!! I am asking kindly all those who may have more info about this to contact me. Mostly the people who work in these or any other airlines to give me any kind of info and I pledge to keep their anonymity. It is their own people down there on earth and their silence is killing them! Think of your families, think of the innocent children and help us stop this genocide! And to all those who buy these tickets -think twice! You pay less money for a major crime!!!

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