Monday, October 31, 2011

The Reliance on Cheap Airline Tickets

The developments led by the renaissance and reformation movements in the past and the industrialization and globalization which is influencing the present era has also equally influenced the life of human beings and to an extent each and every aspect of his life. His dependence or reliance on the cheapest mode of transport can thus be further justified as one of the influences of the so called development. We have always heard of philosophers saying that man is a lonely traveler, a passenger of the desert and so on. Thus the traveling instinct of human beings whether it is for business purposes or with an aim to explore the unexplored, is very much evident for the increase in the demand for the cheap airline tickets.

Man is always struggling between the two limits set by him, the time and timelessness. It is then rather derogatory to claim that man has time to be timeless, which rather seems to be ironic as well. When man found cheap airline tickets to be within his means, he started relying on the same, and ignoring the other means as such. This high reliability on the cheap airline tickets gradually became habitual. The long queues at the airports ticket counter has been minimized to a great extent, as the booking of the cheap airline tickets or any other class, has been confined to a mere computer system with the internet accessibility. This confinement is applicable to the booking of the railway and cruise tickets as well.

The restriction thus put by the Indian government on the aviation sector, through the so called service tax has reduced the number of people relying on not only the cheap airline tickets but obviously on other classes as well. In the very recent times the airline companies had seen a steady growth in the demand for the cheap airline tickets, but this levying of service tax has declined the growth. We cannot even have a futuristic overview of the airlines reimbursing the loss through the service tax as such. We have to wait for the steady statistical data, as to know whether the decline in the demand for the cheap airline tickets has affected the airline companies greatly or it is just a minority group of consumers who just withdraw.

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