Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Story: Episode 12

Nat: No Allie! *Runs to his Car and drives any where he thinks she could of gone. Nats POV: I drove everywhere the Park. The School. I drove to Kristinas to tell her. At Kristinas. Kristina: Hi? Nat: Allies Missing. Kristina: Did you tell the Police? Nat: No i have just been Searching for her. Kristina: I will come. Nat: Since when do you care about Allie? Kristina: *Sighs. I guess shes not as bad as i thought. Nat: Lets go. *Hops in the car. Kristina: *Hopes in the Front seat. Try the Air Port. Nat: It will take an Hour to get there. Kristina: Just Trust me. Nat: *Hesitates. Fine.. *Starts driving. Kristinas POV: We were driving around looking for Allie. Damn shes good at Running away we couldn't see her anywhere. It was dark and Misty. Nat was in Tears while Driving. Why does he love her so much? I want someone to love me like that. Nat: I cant see her anywhere. *Smashes head on Steering wheel. Kristina: Try and Call her. Nat: Yes! *Dials her Number. *Answering Machine. You have Reached Allies Answering Machine. I cant answer right now but Call you back Later. Kristina: Why did she run Away? Nat: She said when her Mom was close to Dying. If my Mom dies im gonna run far away from here. And never come back. Kristina: Well we know shes on foot. *Laughs. Nat: *Laughs too. *Kisses Her Passionatly. Kristina: I thought Allie was your... Nat: Lets face it shes gone. But im gonna keep Looking. *Drives around. Kristinas POV: We were like 20 Minutes away from the Airport. We could ...

Fort Lauderdale Florida


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