Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Let Go [Nick Jonas Love Story] Chapter 77

[Alison's POV] I immediately shot up from the couch and turned the volume extremely loud on the TV, just to make sure I was hearing and seeing things correctly. "In other breaking news, we've just been informed that, tragically, the bus of the Jonas Brothers has been in an accident. All of the boys were taken to St. Johnson's hospital in Chicago and no further information has been released. In happier news, it looks as if-" I turned the TV off and raced to the phone, dialing Dana's number. After three long rings, she answered. "Hel-" "DANA, AIR PORT. NOW!" I exclaimed into the phone before hanging up. I ran up the stairs, not even caring if I was currently pregnant or not, and quickly slipped some clothes on. I hadn't noticed the couple of random tears that had started to stroll down my face. I wiped them away and grabbed my purse while slipping on my shoes. "Alison?!" Dana yelled from downstairs. I raced down the stairs and grabbed her arm, yanking her towards the door. "What is going on? Are you going into labor or something?! Oh, my gosh you're going into labor-" "Nick's t-tour bus was in an accident, we h-have to go!" I said through sniffles. She looked at me weirdly. "After what he did to you, you're just gonna crawl back to him this quick?" "DANA, COME ON!" I yelled from outside. She rolled her eyes and got into the drivers side. She drove, with me telling her every five minutes to speed up, to the airport. I cried the whole way, worried. We made it to the airport ...

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