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International and domestic flights in Australia: Qantas and Virgin Blue

It may be quite expensive to book an international and domestic trip to Australia. With Qantas and Virgin Blue, you can get air flights at discounted rates.

Australia is a country diverse in natural wonders, from its large barrier reefs, considered the largest in the world, up to its swaths of rainforests, estimated as 16 times older than the popular Amazon. Aside from this, you will awe at the tropical "Top End" up to the red-sanded, semi-arid Outback.

In winter, you can go to the famous Red Center. You can also circumnavigate to the massive, gorgeous big rock or Uluru. In peak seasons, especially in the famous Red Center, Kakadu and Darwin are the best areas to visit. Kakadu is considered as the biggest national park of Australia. Although the dry season here is good for bushwalking, it is not ideal to join a helicopter tour in this season.

Going to Australia can be costly for those who are from North America and Europe. An average round trip flight from Los Angeles to Sydney costs US $1,500 during the months of October to February and the summer season.
If you will go in the spring and winter seasons of June to September, you will be able to save US $800. In fact, by taking the national airline of Australia, Qantas, you can get round trip airfare for only US $750, Los Angeles to Sydney routes.

There are only 3 carriers that cover the US-Australia route, namely; United, Air New Zealand and Qantas. With only three choices, booking a flight is quite difficult. Qantas is the most recommended with their commendable service and good airplane food. They are partners with American Airlines, and they give discounted rates.

With the Australian government focusing on their tourism industry, they offer a wide array of packages that start at $1,300, inclusive of lodging, international fare and domestic flights. Qantas not only guarantees reasonable and attractively priced solutions for domestic traveling like the Boomerang Pass, you can also get a reduced domestic flight ticket when you purchase an international ticket at the same time.

The computation is divided into 1 among the 3 zones. Every zone is dictated by the set mileage being flown. Zone 1 extending 750 miles is $160 AU. Zone 3 goes for about 1,151 or more miles for only $360 AU. This even includes several Aussie cities, 5 of New Zealand's gateway cities, some islands in the South Pacific. It is very important that you initially buy the pass in the US, enabling you to purchase more tickets with a similar rate when you are in the country.

As for the market of domestic flights, you can choose from 2 low fare airlines, namely; JetStar and Virgin Blue. Competitively, Virgin Blue can offer you more options. This would include one-way flights for only $129 AU, Sydney-Alice Springs, and $149 AU, Darwin and Cairns. Apart from routes to Australia vast expanse, Virgin Blue also offers no-frill Flights to New Zealand and Tasmania.

With Jetstar, Qantas' low-cost branch, you may have problems because their paths to focus primarily on the cities along the southern and eastern coasts, and Tasmania. Air fare is only $ 79 AU, Sydney-Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane), AU $ 65, Sydney, Melbourne, AU and $ 95 for Sydney to Hobart city in southern Tasmania.
Fight with JetStar to develop his system, can lead to price wars with Virgin Blue.Domestic flights may increase because of the competition.

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